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Перевозчик OOO Turist

Телефон: +380500828282
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Всего оценок: 17

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Одесса - Варшава Варшава - Одесса
Одесса - Москва (09:40) Москва - Одесса (19:00)
Одесса - Бухарест Бухарест - Одесса
Москва - Херсон Санкт-Петербург - Одесса
Херсон - Москва Одесса - Санкт-Петербург
София - Одесса Одесса - София
Одесса - Минск Мариуполь - Минск
Минск - Одесса Минск - Мариуполь
Одесса - Стамбул Стамбул - Одесса
Киев - Килия Килия - Киев
Одеса - Запоріжжя Запоріжжя - Одеса
Вильнюс - Одесса Одесса - Вильнюс
Днепр - Одесса Одесса - Днепр
Киев - Москва Мариуполь - Москва


  • 0
    | 17.10.2017 Sofia - Odessa

    Worst bus ever. Stay away

  • 0
    | 24.08.2017 Kiev - Moskva

    It was horrible trip. Never again!! I won't go anywhere with this carrer, even for free! No conditionier didn't work, no toilet, one 5-minutes break for toilet. And during 6-hours standing on boarder the door was closed all the time. The driver gave us (2 girls) place between 3 men at the end of the bus, one of them was drunk. I wouldn't recommend this company

  • 0
    | 21.08.2017 Bucuresti - Odessa

    Trip was Ok. 2 bus drivers, who were driving safely, which is the most important to me. So it was a good journey even if there were a few downsides.

    Finding the bus station in Bucarest was a challenging struggle. It was about 5/10 mn walk from the northern railway station, at the crossroad, just a bit further than the Ibis Hotel (note this if you decide to order your ticket !!) The bus was just parked in the street, it is not at all a bus station. We managed to call the bus driver, whose number was written on our ticket. He waited for us to arrive and we eventually found the place. The bus is not of a high standart but it did the job. Don't expect wifi, a/c, toilets... and you won't be disappointed. Expect also wasting time at the borders, as it depends a lot on who travels with you : one person which case is not straight can take time to get fixed... We left on time but arrived 2 hours late. I think it is normal and you should expect it from the beginning. You should also know that the road is really bad at the beginning of Ukraine (lots of big holes on the road). I still think this bus is the best option to reach Odessa from Bucarest, and would do it again, though it is not obvious to get some sleep.

    The bus was not too croudy (only 2/3 full), other people in the bus and drivers were nice, temperature wasn't too high that day (around 25° on 21th august) : so it was over all a good ride.

    Sara from France, 47.

  • 0
    | 18.08.2017 Bucuresti - Odessa

    Trip was ok, but...

    ... The place of departure in Bucharest was not the one mentioned at the ticket. Finding the bus stop was very difficult.

    ... The ride took more than two hours longer.

    ... Listening to Russian sitcoms during the whole night while trying to sleep is very annoying.

  • 0
    | 08.08.2017 Sofia - Odessa

    Trip was good and on time but Wii fee was not available change on the phone was not available toalet was not available service was not available so everything what is oferd as benefits was not available what makes my experience not the best.

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