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Перевозчик VISIT TOUR

VISIT TOUR Телефон: +375225553898
Рейтинг перевозчика VISIT TOUR
Всего оценок: 5

Все маршруты перевозчика

Бобруйск – Москва (19:00) Москва - Бобруйск (10:00)
Москва - Минск (22:15) 366 Прага - Минск (winter)
Минск-Варшава (зима) 366 Минск - Прага (winter)
Варшава-Минск (зима) Москва - Бобруйск (21:15)
Минск - Москва (21:00) Москва-Кёльн-Карлсруэ (01.01 - )
Карлсруэ-Кёльн-Москва (с 01.01) 366 Минск - Прага (лето)
366 Прага - Минск (лето) Минск-Варшава (лето)
Варшава-Минск (лето) Минск-Мариуполь
Минск - Одесса (до 30.06) Мариуполь-Минск
Одесса - Минск (до 30.06) Минск - Одесса (c 01.07)
Одесса - Минск (c 01.07)


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    Krakow - Praha

    Very unfriendly busdriver, toilet was brocken, yelled at us when we asked for a toilet break

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    Nothing very special. It was not bad.

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    Travelled from Katowice to Ostrava. Nobody at the bus station or the booking office had heard of Visit Tour. There was no way of finding out which stand the bus would leave from, which is worrying as the bus station is in two halves and all other buses to CZ go from the other half. The bus was more than an hour late, causing me to miss my connection in Ostrava. The bus was nice and clean and new but there were only 5 people on it. Perhaps this is why. The bus clearly had tea and coffee making facilities but none was offered to passengers, even though there was a spare staff member with nothing to do.

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    Автобус хорошоий, водители грубоватые, Автобус задержался на пол часа. но оператор прислал смс с уведомлением и позвонил. Очень долго автобус проходил границу, очень много лишних остановок

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