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Dopravce Prykarpatskyy Express

Telefon: +420608114429
Hodnocení dopravce Prykarpatskyy Express
Celkové hodnocení: 44

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Mamalyga - Bydgoszcz Bydgoszcz - Mamalyga

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    Старый, не ухоженный автобус. Едет какими-то окольными путями (((

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    Experience was bad, drivers are not helpful, they didn't care about comfort of passengers, they never helped to put luggage in the luggage department, provided loud Russian criminal music "shanson" during the travelling, made bad comments if you were looking for more comfortable seat, because of broken part for legs and noise of their loved music of another place. Time of travelling is too long, but the time of arriving was ok.

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    Terrible buses, dirty and inconvenient. Timing was good but, he drivers were really pissed off and they didn't care about the passengers. They left me on the road outside of the bus station. Avoid them if you can.

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    Long way home.... One driver when i show my ticket first told me its not my bus, second time other driver told to my sister it is! If she didnt ask again i could wait and lost my jurney! incompetente stuff. We spend more than 2 hours on bordering to Poland but journey was 15 hours long from Lviv to Wroclaw! terrible!

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