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  • For some routes tickets can be received in 15-20 min after payment, because they are registered by our dispatchers.
  • If still there is no ticket, please contact our Call Centre.
  • Check the spam folder.
  • If there is still no ticket – contact our Call Centre.
There are several reasons why the payment is unsuccessful:
  • there is not enough money;
  • there is a limit on the card;
  • the service of online payment is not activated;
  • the service of international payments is not activated;
  • copy the link for the payment and try to pay via another browser;
We recommend you to address your bank to avoid problems. After you have addressed your bank, try to pay once more.
You can pay in cash:
  • by the bank transfer on the accounts listed in the e-mail, that was sent to you after booking;
  • in bank departments, where the system KONTAKT is installed;
  • in our offices in Ukraine (in Lviv) and Czech Republic (in Prague);
  • via self-service terminals in Ukraine (PrivatBank, E-Pay) and in Czech Republic (EuroPay);
There is a possibility to buy a ticket in the day of the departure if there are free seats. In case of increasing demand on tickets in winter and summer seasons, we recommend you to buy tickets in advance.
Unfortunately, you cannot pay for the online booking to the driver or in booking offices. We work on the system of preliminary online ticket sales. You can pay via credit card on our website, in the department of the KONTAKT system, through the bank transfer to our account, in the self-service terminals or in our offices in Ukraine (in Lviv) and Czech Republic (in Prague).

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