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  • MoskiTransKiev - Moskva

    I would rate my overall experience as just terrible. I will never use it again. Never have I imagined that such a fraud is still possible in 2018, on the bus lines serving two countries. I'd start with a fact that the bus that served our route was too old and very raggity for such a trip, when initially booking this trip I was shown a newish looking bus on the company website, the seats that were showing somewhere in the middle of the bus were really the very last row of seats on top of an old diesel engine. This bus had an issue with an engine compartment insulation so the heat and exhaust fumes were coming inside the cabin, right where we were seating. That fact directly led to an extreme temperatures at the back of the bus and the terrible headache that we has to deal with all throughout this freaking trip. The scorching August heat contributed as well and to make the matters worse the driver would turn off the air conditioning all the time to save on fuel, you can only imagine our condition in the back of that freaking bus, my wife was close to loosing it, and when she would approach the driver to ask him to turn on the air conditioner, that fool would get all upset and become rude, screaming that this a budget bus and he doesn't have to listen to any passenger requests or complaints. Another issue that we had is that this bus wouldn't stop at a normal bus stop that were equipped to handle a large number of passengers at a time, instead he stopped at places where it was convenient only for him for reasons only known to him, places where there was only 1 bathroom, barely working and in filthy condition, you can imagine the line out 47 people trying to use it, poor female passengers, they were helpless, if man can skip the lines and just use the roadside bushes, poor ladies had to endure and patiently wait for their turn, I wanted to cry looking at these situations, honestly! About the wifi we were suppose to have on board, forget about it, there's no wifi and no charge points, it's all a freaking lie, when we asked about it we were told that it would only become available on the second part of the journey, after the border crossing, when we finally crossed the border, nothing happened, the driver was so rude that we didn't even want to approach him anymore and figured out it was just a fraud we should just be thankful that we're alive and crawling towards our destination. Don't get me wrong, the wifi stickers are on the each window but those are just there for interior decoration. Of course we missed our connection transport as we arrived 1 hour late, nobody would wait for us so we ended up getting a taxi and paying close to $100 to finally come to our final destination. Forget everything the booking website shows you, it's all fraud, misinformation, and deceiving tactics, just prepare for the worst experience of your life or read this honest review and choose another company or the method of getting where you're going. I will be making a phat claim, will cancel remaining tickets and will ask for my money back! Don't be an enemy to yourself, choose your transportation wisely!

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