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Carrier ratings AO “EUROLINES”
Total ratings: 4

All routes of this carrier

Daugavpils-Vitebsk Helsinki-Riga
Helsinki-Sankt-Peterburg Ivano-Frankivsk-Tallinn
Johvi-Riga Johvi-Sankt-Peterburg
Kaliningrad-Riga Kaunas-Warszawa
Klaipeda-Riga Klaipeda-Sankt-Peterburg
Kohtla-Järve-Sankt-Peterburg Narva-Riga
Narva-Sankt-Peterburg Panevėžys-Riga
Pärnu-Riga airport Polotsk-Riga
Rakvere-Sankt-Peterburg Riga airport-Panevėžys
Riga airport-Tallinn Riga airport-Tartu
Riga airport-Vilnius Riga-Johvi
Riga-Kaliningrad Riga-Narva
Riga-Orsha Riga-Polotsk
Riga-Sovetsk (Kaliningradskaya obl.) Riga-Tallinn
Riga-Tartu Riga-Vilnius
Riga-Warszawa Sankt-Peterburg-Helsinki
Sankt-Peterburg-Johvi Sankt-Peterburg-Klaipeda
Sankt-Peterburg-Kohtla-Järve Sankt-Peterburg-Narva
Sankt-Peterburg-Sillamäe Sankt-Peterburg-Tallinn
Sankt-Peterburg-Tartu Sillamäe-Sankt-Peterburg
Tallinn airport-Klaipeda Tallinn airport-Riga
Tallinn-Kaunas Tallinn-Klaipeda
Tallinn-Riga Tallinn-Riga airport
Tallinn-Sankt-Peterburg Tallinn-Vilnius
Tallinn-Warszawa Tartu-Riga
Tartu-Sankt-Peterburg Vilnius airport-Riga
Vilnius airport-Warszawa Vilnius-Riga
Vilnius-Tallinn Vilnius-Warszawa
Vitebsk-Riga Warszawa airport Chopina-Vilnius
Warszawa-Kaunas Warszawa-Riga
Warszawa-Sankt-Peterburg Warszawa-Vilnius
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    The bus ride is very nice and comfortable. But it’d be much more convinient for tourists if they give the announcement in english. We were left confused when we reached the border. While other passangers left the bus, me and my family remained seated not realizing it’s the border control

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    If your reservation expires, and you follow the prompt "DO YOU WISH TO RENEW YOUR RESERVATION" make sure you change the date your reservation. The system automatically reserves a date 7 days in the future from the date you originally wanted to travel. This resulted in me having to spend an additional night in foreign country at a hotel, and cost €80.

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    The trip was comfortable and the bus clean, however bus drivers don´t speak English which make the stops (immigration controls) a bit confusing, announcements should be in English as well.

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    It was a good trip, easily and comfortable.

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