• Adults Over 12 y.o.
  • Childs From 2 to 12 y.o.
  • Infants Without seat
Carrier ratings 1.65
Service staff
Price and quality
Total ratings: 20


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  • StecikZhytomyr - Lublin

    Drivers were very professional, going through customs was slow of course but not because of the drivers, they knew exactly how to make their way through the maze. Overall the bus trip was satisfactory, a simple bus without luxury you get what you pay for and reliable no mechanical problems at all. The only problem I had really was keeping my phone battery charged, bring a extra battery pack. Just so you're prepared for this (foreigners) know that certain passengers will claim open seats next to them by placing personal items on them, do not be deterred just politely ask if seat is taken and most will oblige

  • StecikLviv - Szczecin

    Just walk, you will probably arrive the destination sooner.

  • StecikLviv - Krakow

    The bus is so slow, there is toilet inside but not working. After passport control, driver said like "we need to gather sone amount of money to continue our trip then gathered money. I called customer service for it, but they turn off the phone during conversation. I never recommend it. Also my fiance try to learn where i am during my trip, but no one helped her. NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN

  • StecikLviv - Wroclaw

    Can't recommend this line: no toilet, arrogant drivers - the most annoying thing was loud music in the middle of the night: when we asked drivers to turn in down in the latter part of the bus (which would still enable them to listen to the music in the driver zone normally), one of the drivers was arguing that if he turns the music off or down in the bus, there still might be a passenger, who would like to listen to that music, so he would have to make it louder again. He just seemed not to get it that people would like to sleep at night, although we were explaining it to him in Ukrainian. Finally, after several people intervened, they turned the music off but they whole travel was just unpleasant. Be careful, the company uses the buses and the logo of the Polski Bus company but they are not a part of it and obviously don't maintain its standards (e.g. the toilet was there but they didn't allow the passengers to use it)

  • StecikLviv - Wroclaw

    Kherson-Wroclaw: uncomfortable, I didn't feel well and had to ask the younger driver to stop at night (no working toilet in the bus), which resulted in sexual harassment - not only verbally but he also tried to touch me - even though it became clear I was getting increasingly sick during the journey and while talking to him was coughing pretty intensively - he said that I should have had more sex before departing - so that I wouldn't get sick. Really gross!

  • StecikTernopil - Leszno

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Horrible. Absolutely agony on this bus. Uncomfortable, old, no sanitary facility. The bus kept breaking up through out the journey. We were traveling in 20+ some degrees THERE WAS NO aircon , bus driver only put it for himself at the ground decker. Ticket was 28€. Previous time traveled with a different company for 22€ also booked over INFOBUS , with tv, aircon, phone charging outlets and free cops of coffee or tea by the crew.

  • StecikLviv - Warszawa

    Nie polecam

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