• Adults Over 12 y.o.
  • Childs From 2 to 12 y.o.
  • Infants Without seat

Route Wroclaw - Kharkiv

Weekdays: 13 Jun, 14 Jun, 15 Jun, 16 Jun, 17 Jun, 18 Jun, 19 Jun, 20 Jun, 21 Jun, 22 Jun
  1. 11:30Wroclaw Bus Station, 1/11 Sucha str.
  2. 14:10Katowice Bus Station, 5 Sądowa str.
  3. 16:00Krakow Bus Station MDA, 18 Bosacka str.
  4. 18:30Rzeszow Railway Station, Plac Dworcowy, Wagabunda
  5. 22:25Hrebenne customs (PL-UA)
  6. 00:05Rava Ruska customs (UA-PL)
  7. 01:00Lviv Bus Station №8, 1 Dvirtseva sq.
  8. 02:05Busk Bus Stop, "City Council", Lvivska str.
  9. 02:25Brody Railway Station Brody, Pryvokzalna str.
  10. 02:45Radyvyliv Bus Stop, shop "Lampochka", Nevskogo str.
  11. 03:25Dubno Petrol Station "WOG", in front of the monument "Airplane"
  12. 04:10Rivne Bus Station, 40 Kyivska str.
  13. 05:40Novohrad-Volynskyi Bus Station, 45 Shevchenka str.
  14. 07:10Zhytomyr Bus Station, 93 Kyivska str.
  15. 09:10Kyiv Bus Station "Kyiv", 32 S. Petliury str. (Railway Station)
  16. 14:10Poltava Bus Station, 7 Velykotyrnivska str.
  17. 16:00Kharkiv Metro station "Yuzhny Vokzal", 11 Kotliara str.
  • Carrier: P-Trans
  • Additional information: Carriage of bicycles in disassembled state and in a cover is possible, extra pay - 300UAH/50PLN. Departure is possible with E-ticket.Possible route transfer.
  • Luggage: 2 bag (80x40x40) up to 50 kg-free, every next 1kg from 2% of the ticket price

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