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Route 525 Mykolaiv - Berezivka

During week: 21 Oct, 22 Oct, 23 Oct, 24 Oct, 25 Oct, 26 Oct, 27 Oct, 28 Oct, 29 Oct, 30 Oct
07:00 Mykolaiv Bus Station, 21 Bogoyavlenskiy av.
07:44 Slyvyne (Mykolaivska obl.) Bus Station
08:00 Krynychky (Mykolaivska obl.) Bus Station
08:14 Ulyanivka (Mykolaivska obl.) Bus Station
08:26 Stepove (Mykolaivska obl.) Request stop
08:39 Shyrokolanivka Bus Station
08:45 Pishanyi Brod (Mykolaivska obl.) Bus Station
09:01 Stavky (Veselynovskiy r-n) Bus Station
09:15 Pervenets (Mykolaivska obl.) Bus Station
09:35 Veselynove Bus Station
10:01 Vynogradivka (Mykolaivska obl.) Bus Station
10:19 Viktorivka (Berezivskiy r-n) Bus Station
10:32 Berezivka (Berezivskiy r-n) Bus Station
Carrier: Orion-Avto
Luggage: 1 luggage included in the ticket price .Next 10% from ticket price.
Additional information: Transport of animals only with ticket (-40%). Transport of bicycles only disassembled as luggage
Discounts: 5% The group of 5 people
10% Invalid
10% Pensioner 60 years old
20% Animal small (in crate)
30% Children 6-12 years old (without luggage space)
40% Children 0-6 years old (without luggage space)

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