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Route Roma - Ternopil

During week: Sat, Sun
12:30 Roma Autostazione Tiburtina
16:55 Firenze Piazzale Montelungo, przystanek autobusowy
18:30 Bologna Autostazione di Bologna – Piazza XX Settembre, 6
20:45 Venezia Mestre Viale Stzione 1
22:55 Fernetti customs (IT-SI)
03:10 Pince customs (HU-SI)
03:10 Tornisentmiklosh customs HU-SLO
12:40 Zahony customs (HU-UA)
14:40 Chop customs (UA-HU)
15:05 Uzhgorod village Rozovka - klumba
15:50 Mukachevo Lavkivska str. 1V/ Gas Station OKKO
18:05 Stryi Bolekhivska str, 49/ Gas station OKKO
19:20 Lviv Gas station WOG, hotel Kateryna, ul. Strijska, 122
21:10 Ternopil Bus Station, 7 Zhyvova str.
Carrier: ERABUS
Luggage: 1 bag up to 30kg-free, every next from 30 UAH/1 kg
Additional information: Carriage of bicycles in a disassembled state is possible, extra pay 30UAH/kg
Discounts: 10% The group of 6 people
10% Pensioner
10% Youth under 25 years
30% Children 0-12 years old
50% Children 0-4 years old

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