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Route 415 Prague-Kiev

19:00 Praha Bus Station "Florenc"
22:25 Brno Bus Station "Zvonarka"
01:10 Ostrava Vitkovicka 3276/2
01:40 Bohumín Customs
01:50 Chalupki Customs
03:40 Katowice airport Airport
05:45 Krakow Dw. MDA ul. Bosacka 18
08:25 Rzeszow Dw. PKP, Plac Dworcowy
10:25 Korczowa customs PL-UA
12:00 Krakovets customs (UA-PL)
13:45 Lviv Bus Station, 109 Strijska str.
17:20 Rivne Bus Station, 40 Kiyevska str.
20:15 Zhytomyr Bus Station, 93 Kievskaya str.
22:40 Kiev Bus Station "Centralniy", Prospekt Nauki 1 / Moskovskaja sq. 3
Carrier: PP Tvad
Luggage: 1 bag up to 50kg(60x40x40)-free
Additional information: Carriage of animals is not allowed

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