• Adults Over 12 y.o.
  • Childs From 2 to 12 y.o.
  • Infants Without seat

Route (Odessa) Kyiv - Karlsruhe

Weekdays: 21 Sep, 23 Sep, 24 Sep, 28 Sep, 30 Sep, 1 Oct, 2 Oct, 5 Oct, 7 Oct, 8 Oct
  1. 07:50Kyiv Bus Station "Kyiv", 32 S. Petliury str. (Railway Station)
  2. 08:00Kyiv Bus Station "Dachna", 142 Peremohy ave.
  3. 09:30Zhytomyr Bus Station, 93 Kyivska str.
  4. 11:00Novohrad-Volynskyi Bus Station, 45 Shevchenka str.
  5. 12:00Rivne Bus Station, 40 Kyivska str.
  6. 15:30Lviv Bus Station, 109 Stryiska str.
  7. 17:00Krakovets customs (UA-PL)
  8. 18:00Korczowa customs (PL-UA)
  9. 06:00Dresden ZOB am Hbf., Bayerische Strasse
  10. 07:00Chemnitz Chemnitz Center, Kaufhaus Hoffner
  11. 08:10Zwickau Hbh Hst. Nord
  12. 09:00Hof Autohof Münchberg, 35 Ausfahrt
  13. 09:30Bayreuth GII Goethestrasse
  14. 10:10Nurnberg Hbf/Willi‐Brand‐Platz
  15. 12:00Wurzburg Parking on Haugerglacisstraße str.
  16. 13:00Aschaffenburg P+R Stadtbadstr. Nähe Eissporthalle
  17. 13:30Frankfurt am Main Hbf. Südseite; Mannheimer Str
  18. 14:00Darmstadt Hbf - West - Seite Zweifalltorweg
  19. 15:00Heidelberg Fernbushaltestelle in Alte Eppelheimer Straße
  20. 15:15Mannheim ZOB, Heinrich-von-Stephan str.
  21. 16:00Karlsruhe Hbf, ZOB
  • Carrier: EuroClub
  • Additional information: Entry into the European Union is possible for limited categories of persons: * EU citizens * Persons with permanent or temporary residence in the EU countries (confirmed by relevant documents) * Persons who fall under the "essential functions or needs": Medical and facial staff transit passengers passengers who have to travel for family reasons humanitarian passengers or requiring international protection diplomats, employees of international organizations, military personnel, humanitarian assistants to carry out their tasks. drivers of vehicles that carry out passenger or freight transportation. Departure is possible with E-ticket.
  • Luggage: 2 bag up to 10-40kg (80х50х30) + hand luggage (10kg) - free
  • Discounts: 5% Group of 6 or more people
    10% Disabled people 1st and 2nd groups
    10% Retirees from 60 years old
    10% Children 13-17 years old
    30% Children 10-11 years old
    40% Children 0-9 years old

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