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Passengers’ feedback about their trip


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  • Palanga - Vilnius

    The service and travel were quite good, on time and decent.

  • Katowice airport - Katowice


  • Warsaw - Kyiv

    I was travelling from Warsaw to Kiev. I am Ukrainian citizen, and I was travelling with my Colombian husband to visit my family in Ukraine.

    Both of us live and work in France. Since there is the travel restrictions due to COVID-19, our flight was cancelled and we decided to take the bus, to be sure we will actually get to Ukraine.

    THIS COMPANY'S BUS DRIVER WAS THE WORST. First of all, he was very rude. He started yelling at my husband in Russian, not even realising that he is a foreigner. I am not exaggerating. He was very rude with me as well. I don't understand why to treat people like that, moreover without any reason.

    I will not recommend this company. I have been travelling with Ecolines before, and nothing like that ever happened. This time I decided to save 20 EUR on the ticket. And it was not worth it.

    The bus was ANCIENT. No Wi-Fi, no charger next to the seat, no air conditioning. No, most importantly, no ventilation. The driver turned on the heater at night, and never switched it off. By the morning everyone was melting. Uff. Bad experience.

  • Dubrovnik - Split

    The bus never arrived and I had to pay €200 for a taxi to the airport. No notice given to me. Terrible service!

  • Brno - Thessaloniki

    The trip was good and the drivers helpful. We even reached our destination 1 hour faster.

  • Женева - Варшава


  • Gliwice - Krakow

    the trip was good but i faced a problem which is:

    ( before i book the ticket, i called the customer service to ask if the bus will top in the airport and she said yes it will stop at airport but this was not true and i had to go to Krakow center then i had to book a train station to the airport which cost me 12 PLN i could avoid if i didn't take fake information from customer service.

    i used the free call service in the website to make sure of this information and when the driver told me that he will not stop in airport i used my mobile phone to call again +48798475589 but this time they said that the bus will not stop at krakow airport.

    06.07.2020 Administrator of the INFOBUS

    Hello, Mohamed Ahmed.

    We listened all recorded conversations with you.

    Indeed, our support specialist has provided you with an answer that the bus stops at 01:50 at the Krakow airport.

    And at the same time, you have both on the website ticket Gliwice - Krakow (bus station), with arrival at 02:20.

    The carrier may do not stop at specific place or station if they do not have purchased ticket to it. Since the boarding and disembarkation of passengers take place according to the information in the ticket, you were not able to get to the Krakow airport.

    Thank you for using the system INFOBUS and look forward to further cooperation

    06.07.2020 Mohamed Ahmed

    ok i tried to book a ticket to the airport directly but i can not because the website didn't allow for me, so i had to book this ticket and ask the customer service if it will stop or not and i can remember that she told me you can book a ticket to the airport directly but after that she said no this ticket to the airport is not available, so i can book the whole ticket but it will stop at airport, that's what i understand from her but i was surprised that the driver will not stop and i had to book another train from the center to airport :/

    10.07.2020 Administrator of the INFOBUS

    Thank you for description of situation.

    We will communicate with the carrier to clarify why such a moment occurred on that day to explain and avoid problems in the future.

    We sincerely apologize for the situation.

  • Ополе - Киев


  • Sofia - Thessaloniki

    It turned out to be the best choice to travel to Thessaloniki from Sofia. We arrived on time and we were travelling with a new mini bus.

  • Rzeszow airport - Lublin

    Podroz super.

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