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    14.09.2016Yaroslava Panas 

    I have travelled from Lviv to Lublin on the 7th September 2016 by Prykarpatskiy Express,and was very disappointed that the departure time from Lviv was changed from 01:50 am to 01:00 am and they did not contact me as a passenger to let me know about it.Ony luckily i have arrived a bit earlier to the bus station in Lviv and the bus was leaving the platform. I could have missed the plane from Lublin to Ireland on the 7th September. The Bus Company had my mobile and email details and they just ignored the passenger,once they got the payment they would not care if the passengers know about departure time change.Very bad business and service. Also it would be very helpful if the time of arrival to the destination would be more accurate:it took seven hours!!! to wait on the Ukrainian-Polish border on that day, which delayed the bus to arrive to Lublin in time shown on the ticket for 06:10 am.Instead the bus arrived at 10:25 am,again I was under terrible stress to get in time to the Airport in Lublin. Very unreliable and unprofessional service.

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    УЖАС! 1-автобус без кондиционера 2-сиденья не откидываюся(19ч. в одном положении) 3-опаздал на 3,5 ч без объяснений(коммуникация отсутствует) 4-водитель живет по принципу"Мне все равно как вам,главное чтобы мне"-заехал на заправку заправился,туалет на заправке не работает,все в лес через автостраду. 5-деньги на опоздавший поезд ,никто компенссировать даже и не думал:"О чем вы говорите!" 6-единицу ставлю"довезли и Слава Богу!"

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    Bolee menee normalno, esli by muzyku delali potishe no4ju (chtoby mozna bylo zasnuti) to byloby woobszhe idealno.No w principe normalno

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    All was well though we stood on the border for 6 hours

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    Все нормально. Во время выехали и ао аремя приехали.

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