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Dopravce Avtotranzit

Hodnocení dopravce Avtotranzit
Hodnocení celkem: 34

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Kharkov - Warszawa Warszawa - Kharkov
142 Praha-Kiev 142 Kiev - Praha
369 Kiyv - Talne 370 Talne - Kiev
Minsk - Kharkiv Kharkov - Minsk
Kyiv - Kalush Kalush - Kyiv
Kirovograd - Bydgoszcz Bydgoszcz - Kirovograd
Minsk - Kharkiv (summer) 142 Praha-Kiev (13.04)

  • 0
    Ровно - Катовице

    Стояли на кордоні 6 годин

  • 0
    Warszawa - Kharkiv

    This trip was a total disaster. Firstly, a man who was in charge of putting suitcases into the bus- he just threw them in, suitcases were falling down during the whole journey. Secondly, the drivers were very unpolite, they yelled at other passengers all the time. Next, the condition of the bus was terrible. It was an old coach, inside we could smell cigarettes. During the night, inside was terribly cold. The last thing was that they drove the coach very dangerously, the speed was certainly illegal (it's worth to mention that back that night was -13 degrees and roads were all in ice). If I could rate that trip to -10000/5, I would do this. It doesn't deserve even 1 point. There was nothing positive about this trip. For sure, I will never choose this transport company again. Greetings from Poland. (10.02.2017 16:00 Warsaw-Kharkiv)

  • 0
    Катовице - Киев

    Ехал из Катовице в Киев, доехали быстро, пока вроде бы самая удачная поезда была. Спасибо.

  • 1
    Krakow - Lviv

    I've been travelling with the bus Prague-Kyiv from Krakow to Lviv. Was pleasantly surprised with the working wifi on the bus. The drivers were polite and helpful, departed on time. Thanks for making it a nice trip, Avtotranzit!

  • 0
    Катовице - Киев

    Очень жарко было в автобусе, печку включили на полную мощность.

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