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ООО "Асс Бас"

Carrier ratings 2.24
Service staff
Price and quality
Total ratings: 25


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  • Тбилиси - Ереван

    unsafe drive!

  • Ереван - Тбилиси

    we are very disappointed by the bus tour and will definitely not recommend you to our European friends. The Bus was late in Yerevan and it was a car not a bus. there was no air conditioner inside and the car was in a real bad shape. My seatbelt did not work, so I could not travel safe. The driver did not want to fix it. He smoked while driving. He talked to people on the phone while driving. And he made many stops in small villages picking up private packages by people. All in all, we arrived in 10 pm in Tiblisi, so 90 minutes later than planned.

  • Ереван - Тбилиси

    Driver was polite, he transfered us without any problem. On the other hand we have booked minibus with air condition. We’ve got small minivan (Mercedes - never ever) with broken front window, no wifi and no air condition what was horrible to travel in 35 degrees outside. I wouldnt give this company second chance.

  • Тбилиси - Ереван

    Wifi ok.

    Earnest driver.

    No problems at all.

  • Ереван - Тбилиси


  • Ереван - Тбилиси

    The service was very good

  • Тбилиси - Пятигорск

    The worst.

  • Ереван - Тбилиси

    Good speed driver, good Mercedes Vito with wifi. All ok.

  • Тбилиси - Ереван

    We left from Tbilisi later than we should have but we arrived on time - "thanks" to the reckless driver. He was going very fast in spite of the roads' poor conditions and the passengers feeling sick. It was difficult to find the right vehicle, no Infobus signal around and some old men simply pushed me and my friend on a mini bus. Unfortunately we didn't have access to the review section before booking, wondering if this was made by chance.

  • Ереван - Тбилиси

    One of my worst trips ever. The trip started an hour late, the driver was making frequent stops, the bus was not properly heated and my legs were nearly frozen, and lastly the driver stopped the bus in the outskirts of Tbilisi instead of in the main station Avlabari. We were soon mobbed by a bunch of taxi guys who were willing to take us to our destinations at a steep price coz it was the middle of night and we were left with not many options. We finally arrived 2.5 hrs late and the driver just didnt seem to care. I want to ask unfobus what ateps they will take to curb such arrogant behavior? I hope you guys will respond.

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