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Bus tickets Kyiv - Warszawa

Kyiv is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Europe. It is the capital of Ukraine, as well as the country's economic, cultural and commercial centre. The city's favourable geographical location makes it easy to get to by bus not only from Ukrainian cities but also from other countries. Kyiv is also well connected to neighbouring countries, especially Poland, which has Warsaw as its capital and is also a popular tourist destination with numerous cultural and architectural monuments. Many travellers are interested in how to get from Kyiv to Warsaw quickly, conveniently and without overpayments. Most often they choose a train or bus Kyiv Warsaw. You can find the schedule of direct routes and their prices on the official INFOBUS website.

How do I get from Kyiv to Warsaw?

There are several ways to get from one city to another. The distance between Kyiv and Warsaw is 800 km, and it takes 10-12 hours by land, depending on the type of transport and route. Unfortunately, there are no flights in Ukraine today, so travellers are looking for alternative ways to get from Kyiv to Warsaw. Many carriers offer dozens of high-speed bus services every day, which help to quickly cross the border and get to the capital of Poland. You can find out the schedule of buses Kyiv-Warsaw not only at the ticket offices of bus stations, but also on the INFOBUS website.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to buy a bus ticket Kyiv-Warsaw:

- choose a carrier company and compare the available trips;

- check the schedule, departure point and duration of the trip;

- book a seat for yourself and your luggage. You can buy a bus ticket Kyiv Warsaw online, it's fast and convenient, because you don't have to stand in a queue at the ticket office. You need to specify the date of travel, number of passengers, luggage and other necessary information;

- find out from which bus station the bus will depart, from which platform, etc. Kyiv and Warsaw have several points of departure, so it is better to find out the exact data in advance.

Thecost of a ticket Kyiv-Warsaw will depend on the carrier, seasonality, availability of transfers and other factors. Carriers offer discounts for students, pensioners and children under 13 years old.

Bus route Kyiv-Warsaw

The distance between the cities is almost 800 km, as already mentioned. The routes may vary slightly, but most buses go from Kyiv via Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Ternopil, Lviv, Lublin and other cities. It is better to book tickets Kyiv Warsaw in advance, if you need to return or exchange them, you can do it without any problems.

Warsaw is often visited by tourists from all over the world, because there is a lot to see here:

- Stare Miasto is the historic centre of Warsaw, a UNESCO World Heritage Site;

- Lazienki Park and Palace is a great example of classical architecture and parkland;

- The Palace of Culture and Science is a huge building that stands out against the background of ancient churches and other buildings;

- Nowe Miasto is a business and shopping district where you can find modern buildings, restaurants and shops;

- The Copernicus Museum of Science and Technology is an ideal place for those interested in science and technology. The exhibits and exhibitions impress with their interest and interactivity.

Theprice of the bus Kyiv - Warsaw is indicated on the INFOBUS website. You can buy bus tickets to many European cities on the company's official website.

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Price: 600 UAH Booking

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How do I buy a ticket?

To buy a ticket for a flight Kyiv-Warszawa, you need to: go to, in the search field specify the route Kyiv-Warszawa, specify the departure date and click on the "Search" button. After that you will be opened a list of all actual flights for the date specified by you, their route and cost. Then you can choose flights suitable for you by price, departure time and carrier rating, select it, enter your personal data and make payment. Now your ticket is yours, have a nice trip!

Are there travel restrictions Kyiv-Warszawa?

Restrictions on the route Kyiv-Warszawa are described in the flight description. Each carrier has a list of rules and restrictions that you should familiarize yourself with before buying a ticket.

When is the best time to look for a ticket Kyiv-Warszawa?

You can start monitoring the availability of tickets Kyiv-Warszawa as soon as you plan your trip. Most often, sales open six months in advance, but due to the pandemic and frequent changes in rules and restrictions for entry into foreign countries, it may not always make sense to buy tickets well in advance. As an option, you may want to consider purchasing open-date travel documents.

Is it better to take a direct flight or a connecting flight to Warszawa?

When purchasing round-trip tickets Kyiv-Warszawa, some carriers offer a discount to passengers, provided the purchase is made in one order and for one passenger. Details of the discounts can be obtained by contacting the customer support team at

Will the price of two way tickets be less?

Buying a ticket Kyiv-Warszawa not in one direction, but immediately in the other, i.e. a round-trip ticket, you can save a lot, moreover - returning home you will not have to worry about whether there are seats left on the flight you need and whether the fare has gone up.

How much would a ticket cost Kyiv-Warszawa?

Ticket price Kyiv-Warszawa may vary by 50%, depending on the carrier, route and availability/absence of connections.

How long does it take to get to the city Warszawa?

Depending on the carrier and the route itself - from 11 hour 50 min. before 25 hour 15 min.. Travel time may vary based on road conditions, queues at the border, weather conditions, etc. Therefore, we always recommend leaving yourself some time to allow for force majeure situations.

How often do the buses Kyiv-Warszawa?

Buses Kyiv-Warszawa depart daily, so you can easily choose the option that suits you best, both in terms of time and place of departure.

How fast does the bus pass the border Poland?

Often the process of passing through customs when entering Poland takes less time than in the opposite direction, but no one can predict the situation at the border today/tomorrow/next week. Carriers build into the duration of their flights a standard time for passing through controls, but we always emphasize to passengers the need to plan their trip with a mandatory time margin.

Which carriers run buses on the route?

Flights Kyiv-Warszawa are operated by several carriers: «Kobra», «Danilevich S.A. FLP», «Transbusexpress», «SP - Trans TOV», «Volodymyretstransservis», «Golden+Trans», «Menyok N.I. FOP», «Shablij A.M. FOP», «Potynhe H.S.», «NovikovLA», «FOP Fomenko K.A.», «VasilkivTransAvto», «Elit Bus Trans», «LIDERTRANS», «FOP Osypa S.M.», «Kramatorske ATP 11410», «Brintsov», «CAZNA TRANS», «TOV YUNAS», «Avtotranzit», «MAX BUS», «Brintsov S.V.», «Melnik O.M.», «Pishchanske ATP 10540», «Vasilkivtransavto», «Savchenko», «Kyryliuk V.M.», «Avtotranzit», «TOV KOMFORT-EKSPRES UA», «Mustang Trans», «ATTAS-Boryspil», «Anatolii Kantor», «LYS-AVTO-TRANS», «Yarmoliuk P. Ye. FOP», «Leon Pol Trans», «CAZNA TRANS», «VOLYN EKSPRES LTD», «VOLYN EKSPRES LTD», «Eurovoyage», «Pavluks-Trans», «TocoBus», «Elite Express Sp. z o.o.», «Heybus», «Eastern European Travel», «Павлюкс-Транс», «BI-AVTOTRANS».

What kind of buses do they take?

For trips Kyiv-Warszawa large, comfortable Euro-class buses are provided as standard. More details about the vehicles are provided directly next to each individual trip.

Where in the city of Kyiv can you catch the bus Kyiv-Warszawa?

Departing buses to Warszawa from Bus Station "Dachna", Bus Station "Kyiv", Bus Station "Tsentralnyi", Bus Station "Vydubychi", Railway Station, Metro station "Kharkivska", Bus Station, Metro station "Kharkivska", Bus Stop, Bus Station "Tsentralnyi", Bus Station "Kyiv"

Where in Ukraine can you take a bus to the city of Warszawa?

To find out from which other cities of Ukraine there are bus flights to Warszawa, it is necessary on the site in the section "Countries" to select the country Ukraine and the system will give you a complete list of cities.

Passenger reviews about trip

  • 4,0
    Kyiv - Lublin

    Kyiv-Warsaw route 25 Feb 2024. The trip was fine. There was a 5h delay at the UA-PL border but that was hardly the carrier’s fault. There were also Polish farmer blockades on the Polish roads towards Lublin, so we went around Lublin instead of entering…

  • 5,0
    Kyiv - Warszawa airport Chopina

    Good and professional. Courteous drivers

  • 5,0
    Kyiv - Warszawa

    Thank you for the open restroom! It was a game changer

  • 5,0
    Kharkiv - Warszawa

    Have you used this particular service on four occasions now, and very happy with service, courtesy of staff, efficiency, and I would recommend and book this particular company again

  • 5,0
    Warszawa - Kyiv

    The two drivers drove well and they. Arrived to Kiev early, thanks for Us

  • 5,0
    Warsaw Chopin Airport - Kharkiv

    Great service, perfect communication, highly reliable business, will use them again.

  • 4,0
    Kyiv - Warsaw Chopin Airport

    Good service, very long journey and did his best in the circumstances

  • 5,0
    Kraków - Łuck

    Great! Very good drivers

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