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Want to make a trip to Warszawa, Poland? You will find bus tickets to Warszawa on our website Use the search form above to book your tickets from trusted carriers and travel on modern buses to Warszawa.

About the city
Map Warszawa

Country: Poland

Population: 1 717 000 Citizens

Local time: 18:24:52 (16.04.2024)

Currency: PLN

Ukraine shares borders with many European countries, including Poland. It is our closest and most hospitable neighbour, with thousands of Ukrainians crossing the Polish border every day. Its capital is Warsaw, one of the oldest cities in Europe. Unfortunately, it has a tragic fate, as it suffered significant destruction, especially during the Second World War. But each time this city came to life like a Phoenix. Today, Warsaw is the place to go to see the magnificent restored palace complexes (the city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site), walk through numerous churches, visit the modern Chopin Museum and interactive science centres.

The best time to travel to the Polish capital is from May to October. At this point, the weather is warm enough for walking, the only drawback is the large number of tourists on the streets and queues at the most popular attractions. Winter is also a great time to travel to Warsaw. You can spend more time exploring museum collections and getting to know the local cuisine.

How to get to Warsaw cheaply?

You can get to the capital of Poland by various means of transport, but the fastest, most reliable and inexpensive option is a bus to Warsaw. You can buy tickets at bus station ticket offices, through online applications or travel agencies, but it is better to do it on the website of the INFOBUS carrier. On the official website, you can buy a bus ticket to Warsaw and other European cities, find out information about the current schedule, prices and booking conditions. In just a few minutes, you can order a personalised online ticket to Warsaw, which you will only need to show to the driver when boarding. An electronic document is convenient, it won't get lost, and if necessary, it can be exchanged or returned.

A safe and comfortable ride can be the key to an interesting trip. A trip to Warsaw will help every traveller expand their knowledge of Poland. It's hard to say what best reflects the beauty of the city, as each district of Warsaw is unique and has distinctive buildings. To make your trip a positive experience, don't forget to admire the mighty Vistula River, walk along the city's main street, and try the national cuisine. When you buy a ticket to Warsaw, the price will vary depending on the point of departure: Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa.

Bus schedule to Warsaw - the birthplace of Chopin

Buses to this city depart regularly, the current schedule and route maps are available on the INFOBUS website. You can buy return tickets in advance and find out more information about the route. By the way, it was in Warsaw 200 years ago that Frederic Chopin, an outstanding pianist and composer, was born. He was the first to introduce Slavic motifs into Western traditional classical music, which were not known before and departed from the traditional harmonic system. During his lifetime, Chopin composed many works, mostly for the piano: waltzes, mazurkas, polonaises, and etudes. There are several interesting places to visit in Warsaw in his honour:

         1. The Chopin Monument in Lazienki (Warsaw's Royal Park). This statue of the composer has become a popular place for photographs and art events.

         2. Chopin Museum, dedicated to the life and work of the composer. It houses valuable exhibits related to his life and work, as well as manuscripts and personal belongings.

         3. The Church of the Holy Cross - this is where Chopin said goodbye to his family before his burial.

People interested in the great Polish composer should buy bus tickets to Warsaw to visit his hometown and learn a lot about his life.

How to get to Warsaw and what to see first?

Warsaw is not burdened by its capital status. It is equally welcoming to visitors and natives alike, although the former may be a little confused by the slight chaotic nature of the buildings and the sudden mix of styles. This city has a character that has allowed the Polish capital to go through difficult trials and survive. You can get to Warsaw by comfortable buses, and then go for a walk and do a few must-do things:

          - look at the city from the height of the tallest building in Poland - the 42-storey Palace of Culture and Science;

          - walk around the Palace Square and be sure to visit the Royal Palace;

          - make a wish near the magic bell on Kanonia Square, walking around it three times;

          - find musical benches and sit on them, enjoying the immortal creations of the great Chopin;

          - take time to explore the unique museums of the Polish capital - the National Museum, the Museum of the Polish Army and the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Museum;

          - buy sweets in A. Bleakle's confectionery, which has been operating since 1869 and has become a real magnet for the sweet tooth;

          - try local culinary delights such as bigos, flaki, żurek and tartar, and for those who like strong drinks, order a glass of Zubrowka or a glass of local beer.

Warsaw is an important transport connection between Eastern and Western Europe. Convenient buses depart from the local bus stations every hour to various European cities. Thousands of tourists from the CIS countries also frequently travel to Poland, and to book tickets, they search for "buy a ticket to Warsaw " on the Internet and go to the INFOBUS website, where they can choose a convenient time for the trip and book a seat.

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