How to buy tickets?

1. Check the schedule

Select the means of transport, indicate the point of departure / arrival and the date of trip.

2. Select a route

Compare prices, choose a convenient time and place and pay attention to the carrier's rating.

3. Buy a ticket

Fill in the passenger details, be sure to check the information and pay for the order.

4. Everything is ready!

Print or save your ticket. After the trip, we will be glad to get a review from you.

Our advantages

1. All tickets are available online

No more queues! Any ticket can be bought on the website or in our mobile application.

2. Secure payment

All payments are made through secure payment gateways of banks, so your transaction data is reliably protected.

3. All means of transport

On our website you can buy bus, train and plane tickets at the best prices.

4. Bonus program

Register on the site and when buying tickets you will receive bonuses, which you can use to pay for your orders.

Traveler reviews of carriers
26.11.2021, 11:37
Zapeka E.H.Minsk - Vilnius airport

Good experience. Going from Minsk to Vilnius Airport. Good communication via Viber. As I speak Russian there was no problem. I received a text a day before where to expect the bus which was Kamennaja Gorka and this location was even better for me to…

14.11.2021, 11:03
P-transportNáchod - Praha

I randomly chose the carrier and didn’t know what to expect. Every part of the journey was great! It was perfectly on time, the drivers were nice, the time flew fast. I would like to have a WC on a bus or one stop for…

08.11.2021, 22:04
Gepard ExpressBrno - Vienna airport

The vehicle was a small minivan, the charging cable for smartphone was not working. We had 45 minutes delay, I almost missed the plane. Fortunately, the driver was trying very hard to minimize the delay, so thanks to him i've not missed the flight.

08.11.2021, 07:26
Zapeka E.H.Vilnius airport - Minsk

Good experience. Bus was on time. Good communication with provider via Viber. Bus was at the parking slot opposite Vilnius airport. I received a text with the bus details and driver's phone number. Got to Minsk even sooner than expected. Excellent service. Friendly bus driver.…

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