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     20.06.2018 Москва - Нижний Новгород    (ИП Масленников Д. А.)

    Awful trip. I booked for a bus and a car came to take us to niznhy. He clearly wasn’t rested since he drank 3 energy drinks while he drived. He was half a hour late. We stopped 4 times in a 400km trip. Paid for a bus and got a crowded car. Not recommended.

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     22.06.2018 Sankt-Peterburg - Moskva    (IP Unanyan)

    The bus condition is acceptable, but no toilet.

    Driver behavior was ok, arrived exactly in time.

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    24.06.2018Marco Moraes 
     22.06.2018 Sankt-Peterburg - Tallinn    (ECOLINES)

    Terrible, uncomfortable... if you have more than 1,80 is terrible experience.

    It is not possible to support the head.

    Chair very close to each other. The driver started the hot air on the foot that looked like a sauna. Outside experience with immigration from which you get off the bus twice in the middle of the trip and are completely clueless. Oh my God, never again. The cheap is expensive, it goes by train which is better.

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     22.06.2018 Львов - Радом    (ФОП «Панькив»)


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    23.06.2018Matias Bassi 
     21.06.2018 Нижний Новгород - Москва    (ООО «АТП-Восток»)


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