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  • Zürich - Praha

    Sehr freundlich. Pünktlich. Sauber.

  • Athens - Sofia

    The bus, price and quality are great although I would love to hear at least one announcement from the driver in English (to have the idea of where we are).

  • Zabrze - Krakow

    Komfort na wysokim poziomie

  • Budapest - Lviv

    Terrible organization!

    Toilet was closed 'because it's always closed for winter.'

    Once I bought a ticket I received a call that the bus is delayed 5 hours because of the technical reason, but the operator lied to me. Bus never departed because they didn't sell enough tickets. I was told that we will arrive to the destination with 2-3 hours delay, but we arrived 8 hours later and it was not related to the border control.

    Ticket was overprized, bus was stinky and was not properly ventilated, my jacket smells bad after the sit.

    NOONE was wearing masks.

    Never even again I will travel with this company, it's a fraud.

  • Katowice airport - Katowice

    Delayed for 15 minutes for no reason and I missed my bus to other city. Car was very comfortable.

  • Ostrava - Khmelnytskyi

    Bus was ok, but there was big delay which makes me lot complication

  • Riga - Liepaja

    Everything was excellent in time and clean comfortable buses

  • Minsk - Vilnius airport

    Good experience. Going from Minsk to Vilnius Airport. Good communication via Viber. As I speak Russian there was no problem. I received a text a day before where to expect the bus which was Kamennaja Gorka and this location was even better for me to get to. Excellent service. Friendly bus driver. New bus. Got to airport on time. Would definitely recommend.

  • Карловы Вары - Прага


  • Augustow - Warszawa airport Modlin


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