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    16.12.2018 Lilla

    We spent in Helsinki and in Vantaa two extra hours to pick up 2 people, the bus was super small and it was either cold or really hot. Then we stopped at a supermarket and on the way back we dropped out one person, which took extra half an hour. The arrival was planned at 23:00 and we arrived at half past 1 am

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    15.12.2018 Anantha Divakaruni

    One of my worst trips ever. The trip started an hour late, the driver was making frequent stops, the bus was not properly heated and my legs were nearly frozen, and lastly the driver stopped the bus in the outskirts of Tbilisi instead of in the main station Avlabari. We were soon mobbed by a bunch of taxi guys who were willing to take us to our destinations at a steep price coz it was the middle of night and we were left with not many options. We finally arrived 2.5 hrs late and the driver just didnt seem to care. I want to ask unfobus what ateps they will take to curb such arrogant behavior? I hope you guys will respond.

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    13.12.2018 Charles Voss

    If your reservation expires, and you follow the prompt "DO YOU WISH TO RENEW YOUR RESERVATION" make sure you change the date your reservation. The system automatically reserves a date 7 days in the future from the date you originally wanted to travel. This resulted in me having to spend an additional night in foreign country at a hotel, and cost €80.

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    13.12.2018 Rita

    The bus was just small bus, very old and bad. I didn't go with your bus and change to ECOLINES.

    Thank you for nothing

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    12.12.2018 Mykola

    Otlichnii servis i voditeli priyatnie lyudi . Ochen ponravilos , budem znat i ezdit eshe. Spasibo

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