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Bus tickets Kyiv - Krakow

Book bus tickets Kyiv - Krakow on Find out the ticket prices and timetable of buses from Kyiv. Low prices from carriers for coaches Kyiv - Krakow. Plan your trip to the city Krakow, Poland with us.

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Thanks to its convenient geographical location, Kyiv is home to numerous daily flights both within Ukraine and abroad, many of which go to Poland. It is this country that most supports joint initiatives in the development of economic cooperation between Ukraine, cultural exchanges and other areas, and has also provided shelter to thousands of refugees from Ukrainian cities. The Kyiv-Krakow bus route is quite popular, connecting the capital of Ukraine with one of the most tourist cities in Poland.

This route is especially popular among students, tourists, professionals and businessmen for a number of reasons:

          - charming Krakow has an incredible atmosphere: landscapes, ancient architecture and much more;

          - by purchasing a ticket for an evening flight, you will be on the spot in the morning and will be able to get to know Krakow better;

          - passengers disembark in the closest proximity to railway and bus stations;

          - from Krakow you can change to other transport and travel to different cities in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Slovakia and beyond.

There are several ways to get from Kyiv to Krakow, but many travellers choose an international bus, as there is no direct railway connection between the two cities. This type of transport is comfortable, convenient, follows a safe route through a number of cities (Zhytomyr, Rivne, Dubno, Lviv, Ryashiv) and hardly ever delays at the border. Many carriers use modern buses Kyiv-Krakow, which have comfortable seats, free Wi-Fi, etc. They have space for hand luggage, and large luggage can be transported in a special compartment.

Kyiv Krakow: how to get there?

We recommend booking a ticket in advance for the required dates using the INFOBUS service. On its website you can find out the schedule, choose a convenient route and buy a ticket Kyiv Krakow online. It is much more convenient than going to the bus station and standing in queues. You can book a seat on your smartphone on the INFOBUS website. Thanks to the settings, you can choose the date, find out the details of the flight and pay for the ticket without leaving home. Thedistance between Kyiv and Krakow is 875 km, and comfortable international buses cover it in 15-18 hours, including border crossings. Numerous carriers offer dozens of bus trips to Poland every day, and passengers can choose any option among them.

To buy a bus ticket Kyiv - Krakow, do the following:

          - go to the INFOBUS website and select the desired date;

          - compare the available trips;

          - find out the schedule, duration of the trip and other details of the route;

          - book a seat for yourself and your luggage;

          - download the ticket to your smartphone.

If you're travelling for the first time, check which bus station your bus departs from, which platform, etc. The cost of a ticket Kyiv Krakow may vary depending on the conditions of the carrier, seasonality, comfort level of the bus, and the availability of transfers. To choose the best seats, it is better to book tickets in advance, because a comfortable seat in the cabin guarantees a pleasant trip.

Book tickets to Krakow and get ready for your trip

Krakow is one of the largest and oldest cities in Poland. It has a rich history and fascinating architecture. Krakow is attractive for travelling at any time of the year. About 25% of Poland's museum heritage is located in Krakow, so it's worth coming here at least for a weekend to enjoy the wonderful city and see the sights. There are many interesting locations worth seeing:

          - Market Square;

          - Cloth Row Market ;

          - Wawel Castle;

          - St Mary 's Church;

          - Barbican ;

          - Church of St Florian;

          - Mayus Collegium ;

          - Wolski Forest.

Krakow is the most famous city in Poland, the old capital of the country and the centre of student life in Eastern Europe. Although the city has preserved its royal architecture and atmosphere, it is also developing rapidly to meet modern trends. The central square, the lively Jewish quarter, delicious casseroles and affordable alcohol, and inexpensive accommodation all attract travellers from other countries. You can immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of Old Krakow by buying a city guide or booking a tour. In addition, a wide range of reviews and recommendations will help you choose a place to stay and eat. If you have long dreamed of visiting this ancient European city, book your bus tickets to Krakow on the INFOBUS website today!

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How do I book a bus ticket?

Log on to, enter the search data for buses Kyiv-Krakow from and to where you are going and departure/arrival dates, choose one flight among those given by the system, book a seat and pay online.

Are there any restrictions on traveling to the destination?

There are currently no general restrictions on travel Kyiv-Krakow. But there are restrictions from carriers, which can be found in the flight description.

How many days before the trip is it best to look for tickets?

Carriers usually open sales six months in advance, but based on the current state of affairs with border crossings, we would not recommend buying travel documents too far in advance. Alternatively, you can purchase tickets Kyiv-Krakow with an open date.

Is it cheaper to choose a direct flight Kyiv-Krakow or with connections?

It is more cost-effective to travel to Krakow without connections. Information about connections is available in the flight description.

Will the price of two way tickets be less?

Some carriers offer discounts for different categories of people children, students, pensioners, disabled people, groups of several people, etc.. You can also check this information even before buying tickets Kyiv-Krakow near the flight you are interested in.

How much would a ticket cost Kyiv-Krakow?

The cost of a ticket Kyiv-Krakow varies and depends on the carrier company that operates that flight, its route, etc.

How long is the bus Kyiv-Krakow on the road?

The length of the trip Kyiv-Krakow depends on both the route of each individual flight and the time of border crossing, the situation on the roads, weather conditions, etc. On average, the road takes from 12 hour 45 min. before 24 hour 15 min.. Naturally, if there are connections or in case of any force majeure circumstances, the whole process can be delayed. Therefore, we always recommend planning your time with time to spare.

How often do the Kyiv-Krakow buses leave?

Buses Kyiv-Krakow depart daily, so you can easily choose the option that suits you best, both in terms of time and place of departure.

How many hours does a bus pass the border Poland?

It is extremely difficult to accurately predict the time spent at the border Poland, as the situation is extremely unstable. As a standard, the carrier includes in the declared "travel time" the minimum necessary downtime, but we always emphasize to passengers that when planning a trip, it is better to leave a reserve of time in case of force majeure.

Which carriers operate flights Kyiv-Krakow?

There are bus services from several carriers in the direction Kyiv-Krakow: «Avtotranzit», «CAZNA TRANS», «Brintsov», «CAZNA TRANS», «TzOV TOPUKRAINE», «Vasilkivtransavto», «Kaluzhenov V.V.», «EAST WEST EUROLINES», «Austrian Incentive Service», «Avtotranzit», «Pishchanske ATP 10540», «VasilkivTransAvto», «Anatolii Kantor», «LYS-AVTO-TRANS», «CAZNA TRANS», «TocoBus», «Eastern European Travel», «Menyok N.I. FOP», «Menyok FOP», «Павлюкс-Транс», «Vital euro trans», «Orionbus», «Elite Express Sp. z o.o.».

What buses are taken to the city Krakow?

Detailed information about all routes, including the type of vehicle, available services, rules for transportation of luggage and pets, as well as current discounts or promotions, can be found next to each individual flight Kyiv-Krakow.

At which stations can you take the bus Kyiv-Krakow?

Buses Kyiv-Krakow depart from bus stations: Bus Station "Kyiv", Bus Station "Tsentralnyi", Bus Station "Dachna", Bus Stop, Bus Station "Kyiv".

Where else in Ukraine do buses to Krakow depart from ?

To quickly find out from which other city Ukraine you can travel to Krakow, log on to the "Countries" section of, select the country Ukraine and the system will give you a list of all cities from which buses depart.

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