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  • СКСавтоVeliky Novgorod - Sankt-Peterburg

    We traveeled from V. Novgorod to St. Petersburg.

    It was an OK ride. The bus was rather old, not in the best shape, but everything was working fine. The driver was friendly.

    There was a 45 minutes delay because of a traffic jam.

  • СКСавтоSankt-Peterburg - Tallinn

    I’m angry. 2 hours delayed!!!

    24.06.2019 Administrator of the INFOBUS

    Hello! Due to the traffic jams, repair works, adverse weather conditions, customs delays (at the border crossing), or an unexpected vehicle malfunction scheduling

    variance is possible. Such cases is a result of an irresistible obstacles and could not be affected by the carrier company. Please note that in cases of routes with the

    disorganized transfers, the carrier company is not responsible for the delays described above.

  • СКСавтоTallinn - Sankt-Peterburg

    The trip from Tallin to Saint-Petersburg was great and safety! There was WI-FI on a board. We had arrived fast to the destination.The stuff was very polite and kind.

  • СКСавтоSankt-Peterburg - Veliky Novgorod

    We had a wonderful experience with the carrier!

    We missed our bus, because we didn’t understand where to wait for, after 10 minutes we saw another bus of the same carrier, we explained what was happened and in a few minutes the driver found a solution! More than anyone can expect, we love them

    30.04.2019 СКСавто

    Thank you so much for your kind feedback, Alberto!

  • СКСавтоВеликий Новгород - Санкт-Петербург

    We travelled route number 950 by bus company CKC Abto. The bus was terrible, climate control doesn't work, temperature was very high when the speed was under 70 km / h. Shock absorbers were broken, which cause difficulties for the driwer to handle bus. We feel several times that the bus will fall when it changed lanes for passing trucks. The bus waas dangerous to life.

  • СКСавтоSankt-Peterburg - Veliky Novgorod

    The bus ride itself was fine. The driver was a bit unfriendly. A smile or a “Good Morning” greeting is always nice. Perhaps your website says that luggage costs extra. I will check. But, if it doesn’t, you should make sure to add that information.

    The real problem was finding the bus. We were told to catch the bus near the restaurant Dve Palochki. The bus does not stop near the cafe Dve Palochki. The bus stops in front of building 189 on Moskovsksya Street, which is at least 300 metres from cafe Dve Palochki. We would have missed the bus if we had waited by Dve Palochki. You should not tell people to go there. You should tell them to wait in front of building 189 on Moskovsksya Street.

    We found the bus because the person on the dispatch number gave us the correct information about going to building 189. We are very thankful for her help over the phone.

  • СКСавтоVeliky Novgorod - Sankt-Peterburg

    Very Nice. The bus was totally on time. Good driver as well. Did not know that we had to pay extra for baggage, but ok, was not much anyway. Totally recommend it.

  • СКСавтоPskov - Sankt-Peterburg

    The bus drivers were excellent, bus was very nice and spacious but....the woman at Pskov station who took the tickets is stuck in the 18th century, she wanted to see a piece of paper that she is used to seeing. She caused me a lot of trouble! I recommend giving a list to the drivers that way they can tell her to be quiet.

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