• Adults Over 12 y.o.
  • Childs From 2 to 12 y.o.
  • Infants Without seat
Carrier ratings 1.55
Service staff
Price and quality
Total ratings: 11


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  • Sankt-Peterburg - Moskva

    Very bad the service because we cant change the bus to return, so we lose the momey

  • Sankt-Peterburg - Moskva

    The bus condition is acceptable, but no toilet.

    Driver behavior was ok, arrived exactly in time.

  • Sankt-Peterburg - Moskva

    Worst bus I ever took in my life

    There was no space for the legs or for a person at all, I was smashed the whole 12 hour trip

    The heater was too strong

    At some point I couldn't breath

    Definitely never traveling with this company again and I'm telling evening know never to use it too

  • Sankt-Peterburg - Moskva

    The worst service I have had in my entire life! Bus cancelled for no reason and I got notified a couple of hours before departure on my way Moscow-St. Petersburg, after on my way back to Moscow they delayed the bus 2 hours and nobody notified me, I just got the news when I called the company after 1 hour waiting on the street for the bus to come. The problems just didn't happen once, they happened every single trayect. Ugly buses, old and uncomfortable. Not recomendable at all! I can't rate this service as 0, otherwise I would.

  • Moskva - Sankt-Peterburg

    Old bus with poor engine

  • Moskva - Sankt-Peterburg

    Very old dirty stinking bus.

  • Sankt-Peterburg - Moskva

    Given the price and our non-existing knowledge about russian streets we didn't expect anything. Sure, I have been in cleaner, more modern busses, but we were able to sleep during the night and got from Petersburg to Moscow for 15€ without any troubles or annoying bump-roads. So in the end our expectations were defenitely ecceeded!

    I dont understand what kind of staff service people expect on such a cheap busline...

  • Moskva - Sankt-Peterburg

    The bus was on time on both journeys however it was pretty old bus. The price of ticket was low but we still expected better quality of bus.

  • The worst bus travel i have had, the bus was unclean, had leaking so we got wet in part of the travel, the assignment of the sits was really disordered, the staff was completely rude and with no idea of English so communication was impossible. A different company was painted on the bus so it was really confuse.

    Also for one friend of us, the ticket has been canceled and they obligated him to buy new tickets, never again will buy tickets from this company

  • Cheap service. Bus leaves 30 min after time and we arrived aprox 1 hour late to Moscow. Very bad service of staff.

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