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IP Unanyan

Phone: +79657886261
Carrier's rating IP Unanyan
Total ratings: 7

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Sankt-Peterburg - Moskva (19:50) Sankt-Peterburg - Moskva (22:00)
Moskva - Sankt-Peterburg (20:10) Moskva - Sankt-Peterburg (22:40)
Moskva - Sankt-Peterburg (22:45) (05.05, 09.06) Sankt-Peterburg - Moskva (19:50) (05.05)
Sankt-Peterburg - Moskva (22:10) (29.12) Moskva - Sankt-Peterburg (22:40) (28.04)


  • 0
    | 06.09.2017 Sankt-Peterburg - Moskva

    The worst service I have had in my entire life! Bus cancelled for no reason and I got notified a couple of hours before departure on my way Moscow-St. Petersburg, after on my way back to Moscow they delayed the bus 2 hours and nobody notified me, I just got the news when I called the company after 1 hour waiting on the street for the bus to come. The problems just didn't happen once, they happened every single trayect. Ugly buses, old and uncomfortable. Not recomendable at all! I can't rate this service as 0, otherwise I would.

  • 0
    | 18.08.2017 Moskva - Sankt-Peterburg

    Old bus with poor engine

  • 0
    | 07.07.2017 Moskva - Sankt-Peterburg

    Very old dirty stinking bus.

  • 0
    | 18.06.2017 Sankt-Peterburg - Moskva

    Given the price and our non-existing knowledge about russian streets we didn't expect anything. Sure, I have been in cleaner, more modern busses, but we were able to sleep during the night and got from Petersburg to Moscow for 15€ without any troubles or annoying bump-roads. So in the end our expectations were defenitely ecceeded! I dont understand what kind of staff service people expect on such a cheap busline...

  • 0
    | 12.06.2017 Moskva - Sankt-Peterburg

    The bus was on time on both journeys however it was pretty old bus. The price of ticket was low but we still expected better quality of bus.

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