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Union Ivkoni (International)

Total ratings: 24 Carrier ratings: 2,0
Vehicle: 2,0
Service staff: 2,0
Price and quality: 2,0
Traveler reviews of carriers
  • Бургас - Стамбул


  • Barcelona - Montpellier

    Bus was too late (3 hrs). 10mts before reaching destination they stopped 30mts for coffee.i had to miss my train staff not polite

  • Barcelona - Marseille

    5 hours late. No communication whatsoever. Very unpleasant people. Worst trip ever.

  • Malaga - Faro

    1. The bus didn't arrive on time (2h30 latter then the schedule).

    2. The driver smoked inside the bus.

  • Milano - Ljubljana

    1) bus didn't arrive on time

    2) had to make atleast 5 calls until we could get some information about the bus ....

    3) bus arrived two hours later than the scheduled time

    4) the passengers in the bus were extremely impolite they mocked me continuously and I treated like a zoo animal and the driver saw all of this and did nothing!

    5) I later shifted to the front row away from the passengers who were bothering me to the front row but there the bus driver smoked his cigarettes without a break while driving! If I develop lung cancer I'm pretty sure it was all the smoke from this one bus driver he smoked throughout the journey while driving and also when he was not driving inside the bus!

    Above mentioned complaints will be something I would really like a response for? Cause I was traumatized very much by this incident and it's definitely something I would share with my friends ..

    And I want to rate this 0 stars since there is no star option and 1 star is the least I'm disheartened to give one star.

    One star is equivalent to a disaster!

  • Burgas - Istanbul

    Over 1h late and the drivers decide to stop for a brake 10min before destination. Unprofessional

  • München - Wien

    The bus was delayed for more than 2 hours, and in that time we had no idea if the bus was coming or where it would stop. We manage to catch it by coincidence but the service was terrible. Also the bus smelled.

  • Brussel - Luxemburg

    The trip was from Brussels to Luxembourg, but I can't pick that above.

    This might have been the worst bus trip I ever had.

    45 minutes late, and when the bus finally arrived, the driver spend another 40 minutes checking our names and documents - and smoking inside the bus. No apologies, and he did not care to try to answer our many questions. When we finally drove off and were 15 minutes away from the destination, we had a stop at a gas station for 10 minutes.

    Me and another guy were going for a concert, and we barely made it. I was so stressed out and shaking more than once.

    I will N-E-V-E-R use Infobus again!

  • Montpellier - Milano

    It was a horrible experience. Tremendous drivers, without wifi and electrical outlets. I would not take it again.

  • Narbonne - Barcelona

    The bus arrived 3 HOURS late without any previous warning. Obviously we were already in our destination.


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