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Union Ivkoni (Юнион Ивкони)

Carrier ratings 4.14
Service staff
Price and quality
Total ratings: 37


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  • Veliko Tarnovo - Sofia

    The bus from Veliko Tarnovo to Sofia was late with 40 minutes and then the driver proceeded to take a 20 minute break. To be fair, other buses were also late, but there was no indication about that and me and a bus worth of people were left wondering whether we missed it or whether it's late or when it will come, if at all.

  • Sofia - Thessaloniki

    The bus was super nice with comfortable air conditioning and cosy seats. The trip was quite inexpensive. It even had a so called « virus killing machine » on board...

  • Братислава - Прага

    Everything was fine

  • Brno - Hannover

    I want to take the opportunity to thank the drivers (I do not know their names) on board the bus from Brno Bus Station Zvonarka - Hannover Central Bus Station on 5th March, 2021 for their excellent customer service and love shown to me being an African from Ghana

    09.03.2021 Administrator of the INFOBUS

    Hello,Ama Afro!

    Thank you for your kind feedback. We will definitely convey your wishes and gratitude to the carrier.

    We wish you only positive trips!

  • Sofia - Thessaloniki

    It turned out to be the best choice to travel to Thessaloniki from Sofia. We arrived on time and we were travelling with a new mini bus.

  • София - Свети-Влас


  • Bratislava - Brno

    My bus wasn’t at the bus station (simple didn’t come to bus station at all) so at minnight I just bought another ticket. My awfullest trip ever!

  • Wien - Nurnberg

    We waited for an hour for the bus to arrive. The customer care lady did not bother to let us know that the bus has arrived and hour late.

  • Atheny - Sofia

    By mile the worst ever experience i have on board of a bus in Europe or anywhere else. The driver was so racist to me. He didn’t want me to get on board of the bus because I’ve changed my ticket date through a phone call with the customer service team, and i was supposed to take the ticket from the driver once i arrive but obviously something went wrong and they didn’t align with each other. Not my problem, i’ve called the customer service team and put them on the phone with the lady who was managing the bookings on the bus and they started screaming at the top of their lungs at each other. Finally, they told me that there’s no empty seats on the bus but they asked me to hub in anyways. The driver kept my passport with him for half an hour then he sent me the ticket with his assistant which was supposed to cost 38 Eur however he attached a white paper with the ticket mentioning that the total amount is 40 Eur and when i asked him why he waved with his hands implying that he will not return the change. During the trip the driver was so vulgar, he kept talking to me in Bulgarian even though he knew i was a foreigner and I came to learn later on, that he was mocking me in front of everyone. At the passport control they took almost 10 passports from 10 foreigners who were on board of that bus but I’m the only one who had to get off the bus and stand at the checkpoint and they kept interrogating me for almost half an hour when they told me to go back to the bus and they will send all the passports with the driver assistant. The bus driver took off to the nearest parking spot and as he was doing that he started waving at me as if he was leaving me behind. Not so funny. When i returned he kept pointing at his watch as if i’m the reason behind this delay and he wanted me to take my luggage off the bus so that he could move. Tried to explain that, it’s not just my passport that they’re checking but also several othe passports but his intention was clear, he wanted to blame it all on me. Never going to make any bookings with this copmany again.

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