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Buses Kharkiv - Mykolaiv

Buy bus and coach tickets Kharkiv - Mykolaiv: where and how to book bus tickets to Ukraine, the cost of the trip to Mykolaiv in your own. Timetable of buses on the route. List of coaches to Mykolaiv and back, including departures today. Get from Kharkiv to Mykolaiv cheaply and without tiring night crossings, the passengers comments about the trip.

Bus Schedule

Departure and arrival Time on way During week
07:00 – 06:20 KharkivMykolaiv

0 h. -40 min.

Each day

07:15 – 06:20 KharkivMykolaiv

0 h. -55 min.

Each day

15:00 – 03:00 KharkivMykolaiv

12 h. 0 min.

Wed, Sat

15:00 – 03:00 KharkivMykolaiv

12 h. 0 min.

Wed, Sat

16:45 – 00:40 KharkivMykolaiv

7 h. 55 min.

Each day

17:00 – 05:40 KharkivMykolaiv

12 h. 40 min.

Each day

17:00 – 00:40 KharkivMykolaiv

7 h. 40 min.

Each day

17:45 – 06:10 KharkivMykolaiv

12 h. 25 min.

Each day

17:55 – 06:10 KharkivMykolaiv

12 h. 15 min.

Each day

18:05 – 06:10 KharkivMykolaiv

12 h. 5 min.

Each day

19:15 – 06:45 KharkivMykolaiv

11 h. 30 min.

Each day

19:45 – 06:40 KharkivMykolaiv

10 h. 55 min.

Each day

20:45 – 04:15 KharkivMykolaiv

7 h. 30 min.

Each day

Route on map

How from Kharkiv quickly reach the center of Mykolaiv in 2021. Routes of buses on the map with stops. From where do the coaches in Kharkiv depart and where they arrive at Mykolaiv. Travel time by bus: how many hours coach go to Ukraine, the distance in kilometers.

Passenger reviews about trip

AvtotranzitГрадец Кралове - Киев

vse dobre,za taku cinu,rekomenduju

AvtotranzitKrakow - Lviv

I've been travelling with the bus Prague-Kyiv from Krakow to Lviv. Was pleasantly surprised with the working wifi on the bus. The drivers were polite and helpful, departed on time. Thanks for making it a nice trip, Avtotranzit!


Z miscem problem ne bylo, lushe nadi mnoju ves chas dyla klimatuzacija, jaky ne mozluvo bylo ni skrytutu, ni vumknytu, a vse inshe - dobre. Vodiji - chydovi :)

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