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Перевізник INTERCARS

Телефон: +48122651364
Рейтинг перевізника INTERCARS
Оцінили: 5

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Краков-Авиньон Авиньон - Краков


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    | 12.10.2016 Базель - Краков


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    | 24.09.2016 Sankt Gallen - Toulon

    Hello, The bus-trip was enoyable. A good vehicle driven by professional drivers. I did not like the situations when - during the stops – the engine was still running. I think this is e big air-pollution. The fact that the bus takes just a fiew persons from Zurich to Toulon makes me thinking about efficiency. Well – all in all – Your services is ok. Very low cost for a long trip.

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    Not well organized.

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    Excellent prompt service.

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    Driver is very polite and punctual. Drove safely and without any incident, this is truly one of the best coach rides I ever had in my lifetime. Singapore

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