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Radina VIP Telefon: +359879321588
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    Worst ride ever. The bus was 3 hours late, although the notification said it was going to be 30-60 minutes late. When the bus finally arrived in Vienna at 2 am, the exitement of finally starting the trip was soon overwhelmed by the smell inside the bus which made it hard to breath. I never experienced such a distinct smell mixture of sweat, bad breath, urine, poop, food, tobacco and death. Some guy even smoked inside the bus, which was actually nice because it covered the smell for a little while. It is also very convenient to NOT have a toilet on a 7 hour bus ride. The best part of the ride though was using the bathroom at a gas station and seeing the bus leave. Luckily my friend alarmed the driver and made him return to pick me up. I would highly recommend not using infobus.

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