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Radina VIP

Radina VIP Phone: +359879321588
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Total ratings: 2

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BG00 Aachen- Hamburg - Sofia BG00 Hamburg - Sofia
BG00 London - Hamburg - Sofia BG00 Sofia - Hamburg
BG00 Sofia - Hamburg - Aachen BG00 Sofia - Hamburg - Brussel
BG00 Гамбург - София BG00 София - Гамбург
BG00 София - Гамбург - Аахен BG012 Aachen - Hamburg - Sofia
BG012 Brussel - Hamburg - Sofia BG012 Hamburg - Sofia
BG012 Sofia - Hamburg BG012 Sofia - Hamburg - Aachen
BG012 Sofia - Hamburg - London BG012 Аахен - Гамбург - София
BG012 Гамбург - София BG012 София - Гамбург
BG012 София - Гамбург - Аахен

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    | 08.10.2017 Dresden - Wien

    The bus arrived half an hour late and whole company seemed pretty dodgy. Since noone seems to speak english.. When it's time for that 10 minute break, you better prepare to know a few words in russian/slavic languages since they have their similarities. If it wouldn't have been for my knowledge of czeck/croation ,I would have had trouble understanding how long the break was supposed to be. They do however make sure they have everyone on board and they also make sure you don't miss your desired destination. Even at 2 am - when you're halfway alseep . Other buscompanies simply won't be too concerned with that. Apparently ,smoking is allowed which was quite bothersome.

    If you aren't too scared of going for a ride in what seems like a tiny russian village on wheels then I think you should go for it. At night they offer pretty cheap deals .. so why not.

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    Worst ride ever. The bus was 3 hours late, although the notification said it was going to be 30-60 minutes late.

    When the bus finally arrived in Vienna at 2 am, the exitement of finally starting the trip was soon overwhelmed by the smell inside the bus which made it hard to breath. I never experienced such a distinct smell mixture of sweat, bad breath, urine, poop, food, tobacco and death. Some guy even smoked inside the bus, which was actually nice because it covered the smell for a little while.

    It is also very convenient to NOT have a toilet on a 7 hour bus ride. The best part of the ride though was using the bathroom at a gas station and seeing the bus leave. Luckily my friend alarmed the driver and made him return to pick me up.

    I would highly recommend not using infobus.

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