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  • Childs From 2 to 12 y.o.
  • Infants Without seat
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LEO Express

LEO Express
Carrier ratings LEO Express
Total ratings: 80

All routes of this carrier

ELB8802 ELB8803
ELB8804 ELB9050
ELB9059 ELB9067
ETB9301 ETB9302
LE1350 LE1350 LEB9201
LE1351 LE1351 LEB9102
LE1354 LE1356
LE1357 LE1357 LEB9806
LE1358 LE1359
LE1359 LEB9104 LE1359 LEB9959
LE1361 LEB9808 LE1362
LE1364 LE1367
LE1367 LEB9202 LE1367 LEB9967
LEB8752 LEB8767
LEB8767 LE1367 LEB9967 LEB9101
LEB9101 LE1366 LEB9101 LEM4311
LEB9102 LEB9103
LEB9103 ETB9301 LEB9103 LE1358
LEB9103 LE1358 LE1353 LEB9103 LEM4201
LEB9103 LEM4305 LEB9104
LEB9201 LEB9201 LE1350
LEB9201 LE1350 ELB9050 LEB9201 WB956
LEB9202 LEB9202 LEB9201 LE1350
LEB9750 LEB9758
LEB9759 LEB9767
LEB9801 LEB9801 LE1356
LEB9803 LEB9803 LE1362
LEB9806 LEB9806 LEM4205 LE1359
LEB9806 LEM4205 LEB9959 LEB9808
LEB9950 LEB9950 LE1350
LEB9950 LE1350 ELB9050 LEB9950 LE1350 LEB9201
LEB9958 LEB9958 LE1358
LEB9958 LEM4202 LEB9959
LEB9967 LEM4205 LEB9959
LEM4206 LEB9104 WB963 LEB9202
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    Comfortable seats, very nice polish bus stewardess made sure passengers were happy, willingly answering questions. The price was great as well. Will use your service again, thank you.

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    Komfortno I shwydko.

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    18.09.2018 LEO Express


    Yours, support service BusSystem.

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    28.08.2018 LEO Express

    Thanks for your pleasant feedback. We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with the trip. We look forward of future cooperation. Yours, support service BusSystem.

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