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Total ratings: 45 Carrier ratings: 4,7
Vehicle: 4,7
Service staff: 4,7
Price and quality: 4,7
Traveler reviews of carriers
  • Рига - Таллинн

    Very good bus..

  • Tallinn - Riga

    Clean, modern bus and comfortable journey from Tallinn to Riga, a bit too long, however! Some drinks should be offered.

  • Riga - Vilnius

    My journey was tiresome but this is not due to the fault of the carrier but to my age! I dislike any long journey exceeding 2hours!

  • Riga - Tallinn

    Excellent bus. Clean, modern and comfortable journey.

  • Riga - Tallinn

    The driver did an excellent job in driving, he also did a heavy job with the luggage - but: he was really unfriendly. I would recommend that he puts a sign at the door of the bus - like f.ex.: "stop" - or "a chain" - or "a roap" - preventing people to enter, instead of yelling at the people who entered, whithout them knowing they weren't supposed to do so. Another problem was, that only in the beginning there was an English (or another translation). During the tour things happened and the man spoke only in Russian.

  • Riga - Vilnius

    The trip was very comfortable!

  • Vilnius - Riga

    Took a Lux Express from Vilnius to Riga. The bus was punctual, clean and offered complimentary hot and cold drinks and seat entertainment. There was a great selection of movies to choose from. I really enjoyed the trip and can recommend.

  • Вильнюс - Рига


  • Vilnius - Warszawa

  • Vilnius - Riga

    I was very satisfied.

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Rating Pay attention to the carrier's rating when choosing routes. The higher the rating is, the more comfortable your trip will be.
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