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    First time with Lux Express. I traveled from Warsaw to Vilnius. I highly recommend this company. Bus was clean, and well-equipped. Unlike other bus companies, power outlets, internet and the entertainment service (screens) work. Toilet and coffee machine. Also got a complimentary bottle of water when started my journey, which I found very convenient and pleasant. Seats also more comfortable than other bus companies in Europe.

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    ,The first bus from Klaipeda to Riga was a small AB/OLLEX bus with no toilet nor coffee machine. 4,5 hours with no possibility to use the toilet was not very good. Arriving in Riga the bus was 20 minutes past schedule. In Riga I got on a regular Lux Express bus, which was fine. But for some reason, I had to leave the bus in Pärnu, although the bus continued to Tallinn and there were many free seats. When I booked on the internet I was for some reason made to transfer twice, without my asking for it. The bus from Pärnu was also good,but the coffee machine was dead. So, to conclude, some things were good, others bad.

    Sincerely, K-J (Nalle) Valtiala

    24.06.2019 Administrator of the INFOBUS

    Dear Kaarle-Juhani, thank you for your feedback. Please indicate why you did not continue the trip from Pärnu to Tallinn. These transfers are operated by carrier and are indicated on website before booking.

    24.06.2019 Kaarle-Juhani B. Valtiala

    Of course I knew I had been given an extra ticket from Pärnu to Tallinn.although I never asked for one. The reason I accepted it is that I thought there was no direct connection Riga-Tallinn at that hour. Only in Riga it become apparent to me that there was one--indeed a bus with lots of free seats. Yet, for unknown reason, I was denied a seat and had to wait in Pärnu for the next bus.

    25.06.2019 Administrator of the INFOBUS


    To which bus did you go where you didn’t have enough space (denied a seat)? Do you remember how he looked like?

    27.06.2019 Kaarle-Juhani B. Valtiala

    No, I do not remember the looks of the bus driver. The bus left Riga on Fri 21 June at 14:00 and arrived in Pärnu at 16:35. The driver probably followed instructions, so I don't desire any measures taken against him. But you might look over your net booking system, which caused the trouble by making me transfer in Pärnu.

    27.06.2019 Administrator of the INFOBUS

    Thanl you for answer. In Pärnu for the next bus did you pay for a new ticket one more time?

    27.06.2019 Kaarle-Juhani B. Valtiala

    No, I did not pay for a new ticket. If I had done it, I would have told you right away.

    01.07.2019 Administrator of the INFOBUS

    Thank you for information!

    Thank you for your comments, they will be sent to the carrier to improve the service.

    02.07.2019 Kaarle-Juhani B. Valtiala

    Thank you. This is only a small matter, but as I saw no logic in my having to wait for another bus,I wanted to tell you. Best wishes for the future. Sincerely, Kaarle-Juhani/Nalle

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    The best bus trip I 've ever had. Big , convenient , clean buses . No delays.

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    Excellent bus services, very good vehicle, professional and experienced driving staff, high punctuality. 5 *****.

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