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Total ratings: 14 Carrier ratings: 3,2
Vehicle: 3,1
Service staff: 3,4
Price and quality: 3,1
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  • Porvoo - Sankt-Peterburg

    04.04.2020 Skandynaviia TK

    Добрый день.

    Наберите, пожалуйста, нас. 89013145674( вайбер, ватсап).

    С уважением Скандинавия.

  • Helsinki, airport "Vantaa" - Sankt-Peterburg

    Good trip and on schedule.

  • Helsinki - Sankt-Peterburg

    Everything was fine

  • Helsinki - Sankt-Peterburg

    Very good! We arrive a little bit late and the driver wait for us. The vehicle simple but as we was expected. The driver so kind and helpful in our St Petersburg welcome

  • Helsinki - Vyborg

    Good service, usually only russian, but a bit english too. Travelling was fast, couple of short stops, proceeding in border was quick because bus was small and not so many people. I will use again when travelling, definitely worth of money.

  • Helsinki - Vyborg

    Bus was cold. Many stops for smoking etc, therefore what could be a short trip became a long and tiring journey, unfortunately.

  • Sankt-Peterburg - Helsinki, airport "Vantaa"

    Apart from the challenges with pick up at the opposite of the park, the journey was ok. This is a low-cost traveling option, so don't expect anything besides getting you to your location in one piece and a little later than it says on the ticket.

  • Sankt-Peterburg - Helsinki

    Very unconfortable. Arrived 1h30 earlier before time expected. Comunications in english very bad.

  • Sankt-Peterburg - Helsinki, airport "Vantaa"

    The bus arrived on time, but it is quite unconfortable because the seats are short and small.

  • Sankt-Peterburg - Helsinki

    all right

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