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    Kyiv airport Boryspil - Dnipro

    This bus service is absolutely terrible! I purchased a ticket to depart from Kyiv Boryspil international airport at 14:15 to arrive at Dnipro at 19:45. I waited at the correct location from 12 midday at the bus stop and no bus appeared. At 2.45pm I was still waiting for the bus and no one contacted me to inform me whether the bus was on its way or not. The bus did not appear at the expected time and I waited at the entrance for over 2 hours. I called the helpline number several times to reach out for help. The person on the phone told me she would find out where the bus was and call me back. She did not call me back to inform me and every time I called the helpline, the person would hang up the call and so I was stranded without any idea of what to do. I then recieved a call informing me that the bus had left. I was with other customers and all of them testified to the fact that no bus actually turned up! For the two hours we stood waiting for the bus, we asked every bus that turned up whether it was the bus travelling to Dnipro and all of them said no! The staff member on the phone also told me that someone tried to contact me to tell me the bus had arrived but this was another lie. Myself and all of the other customers did not receive any phone calls. If I hadn’t called to find out where the bus was, I wouldn’t have even known the bus wasn’t going to turn up. This was totally ridiculous and unfair. You can appreciate that the weather is worsening day by day and it is unethical to be standing in the cold for hours on end awaiting a service you have paid for. The driver did not try to reach me at all and the bus did not appear on time. In fact it didn’t turn up at all! I was left feeling extremely distressed and very vulnerable. I am totally dissatisfied with your service and I would like a full refund for the ticket I purchased. I don’t advise any one to use this bus service because this is not the first time it has happened! This is now the second time something like this is happening to me and to make matters worse, your helpline offered me no help to me at all and hung up the phone on me a number of times. I was left stranded in the cold and I had to find another alternative of returning home.

    INFOBUS Administrator of the 11.01.2022


    The money for the ticket was returned to the account from which the payment was made. We are very sorry that you are faced with such a situation.

    Your rating has been handed over to the carrier.

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