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Lux Express Polska Sp. z o.o.

Total ratings: 35 Carrier ratings: 4,7
Vehicle: 4,8
Service staff: 4,8
Price and quality: 4,8
Traveler reviews of carriers
  • Vilnius - Warszawa

    Great service. Toilet clean. Great movies. Chofer very polite.

  • Vilnius - Warszawa

    Very nice for a bus

  • Suwalki - Warszawa

    Very fast and good journey.

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Warszawa - Vilnius

    Probably the best bus experience I ever had in my life. Movies, coffee, comfortable seat etc you name it. Will definitely take it again :)

  • Warszawa - Vilnius

    Lux Express Polska is the best bus company I have traveled with. The toilet was quite clean, the wifi used to work, there was also a plug and the tablet was the best. In addition the seats were quite comfortable. Without a doubt, it is worth traveling with this company.

  • Kaunas - Warszawa

    Excellent experience...

  • Warszawa - Vilnius

    Excelent journey!

  • Warszawa - Kaunas


  • Warszawa - Vilnius

    Much better experience than I have had recently on Flix Bus and others. The video screens for each seat are always nice. Good leg room and large, clean toilet room. Very pleased!

  • Варшава - Каунас

    Very polite drivers. They spoke 3 languages, including polish And russian

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