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Total ratings: 73 Carrier ratings: 3,7
Vehicle: 3,7
Service staff: 3,7
Price and quality: 3,7
Traveler reviews of carriers
  • Gdansk - Vilnius

    Perfect :)

  • Warszawa - Minsk

    The driver was rude and arrogant. This trip was the worst experience that I have had.

  • Suwalki - Kaunas

    In Suwalki, there is no publicity on where to board the bus. In an office in the bus station, staff of a different company took us outside the bus station area and directed us to a bus stop on the main street nearby, used by city buses. There were no other passengers waiting, and no information in the bus shelter about this important international bus service. Disappointed.

  • Warszawa - Brest

    Carrier was other than specified. Not good. Thumbs down!

  • Gdansk - Vilnius

    We booked a bus from Gdansk to Vilnius. Departure time on ticket is 1900 on 18 Oct 18. We arrivef the bus station 1700 and got the information from the ticket officer that the bus will come to platform no. 11. We wait untill 1900, the bus was not coming then I told my friend to keep stay at the platform no. 11 and I go to check all plat forms and asked all busses if any of them go to Vilnius. NONE of them go to Vilnius. We have asked a Poland guy who can speak English to call the number on the ticket, he told that the lady who pick up the phone claimed that she dosn't have any information about this bus. We were waited until 8.45pm. Unfortunately, the bus was not show up, we have to leave the bus station around 9pm. and find the other way to Vilnius.

    Once we arrived in Vilnius, we have asked the reception to call the Lithuania number on the ticket. She told me that the person who pick up the phone told me to bring the ticket to the bus station to get refund. What was happened at the bus station was the officer deny to do anything for us. Will Infobus do something for us? The refund and the times we lost. All schedule is mixed up, we miss the tour we booked, we cannot follow our scheduled. Hope we will get response from someone.

    I don't want give score at all. But the system require at least 1 star. So, one star is mean very bad for us

  • Гданьск - Вильнюс

    Everything was just fine)

  • Warszawa - Brest

    Wszystko dobrze! Polecam!

  • Варшава - Минск


  • Варшава - Минск

    Vsjo otlichno,kak vsegda! Spasibo Boljshoe Minsktrans! Voditeli bili zabotlivie,vsjo bilo vovremija.Horoshiy udobniy avtobus.

  • Warszawa - Minsk

    Very BAD! We were waitng for the bus 3 hours till 12 p.m. and it didn't come! With drivers there was no contact as the dispatcher told us. We are waiting our money back. Not recommend!!!

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