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Total ratings: 46 Carrier ratings: 2,9
Vehicle: 2,9
Service staff: 2,9
Price and quality: 2,9
Traveler reviews of carriers
  • Wroclaw - Grodno

    The trip went much as expected - it took me from point A to point B. The bus was late half an hour in Wrocław but I guess that's not to put blame on the driver. The first half of the trip went in a comfortable bus, we had several stops. The bus swapping in Warsaw at 1a.m. in the morning was not quite pleasant, but I guess that has to be done. The Belarusian bus was old and rusty, but it made ok to the border and beyond.

  • Warszawa - Minsk

    comvia bus will not see me as a customet again.

    the bus was nearly an hour late and then it was not comvia who arived, but a different carrier.

    no-one informed us that the bus will be late or that it will be a from different company.

    as a foreigner not understanding polish or russian i did not have any communication any understanding any knowledge of what was happening. comvia let me down when i trusted them

    the bus had no toilet or aircon. which is extremely uncomfortable dor the lenght of the trip as we traveled for 11 hours. the bus was in bad state of repair as the clutch did not work and the driver had to start in 1st gear every time. i know this cause i used to drive trucks.

    just accros the boarder we were moved over to another bus.

    again as an international company one would expect some communication or information but not one representative of the busline spoke english dutch, deutch or anything but polsish and russian.

    again the customets had to load bagage themselves while the employees barked orders which were foreign to me. no assistance and o client service.

    this bus line should not travel internationaly if they can not meet then basic needs of international travelers which would be communication and client service.

    rating is 0. unfortunately i am requiered to give a star

    05.08.2018 Comvia Bus


    you did not use the Comvia Bus bus, but the second partner's bus on the Prague-Minsk line (the Belarusian company INTAKS). Still, I apologize and thank you for your comments. I'm sending your rating to a Belarusian partner.

    The Comvia bus runs from Prague to Minsk on Saturday, Wednesday and Friday. The SETRA 415 GT-HD or Mercedes Travego buses (2 years old) run on the line, all fully functional. Buses have toilets for emergency use, not for normal use. In the current weather, it is not possible to keep the toilets in the buses hygienically undamaged during the journey. It is not possible to dispose of them and disinfect them during the journey between Prague and Minsk, and in the case of normal use, the toilet in the bus is uncomfortable. I believe that if you used our services, you would not have to give a negative assessment.


    Comvia Bus

  • Praha - Wroclaw

    I have to say the trip was pretty bad. The bus was old and at one point we had to push it to get it going again. The air conditioning was being turned on and off by the driver so it was pretty warm on the bus, plus the bathroom was not functioning.

    I would not book with this company again in the future.

    23.07.2018 Comvia Bus

    I'm sending your rating to Belarusian carriers. Thank you for your comments.

    Lenka Kubatová

  • Wroclaw - Praha

    The service was really bad. The driver was really rude to me and my girlfriend.nobody understood English. We will never take a bus with this company again! Rating: -100

    15.07.2018 Comvia Bus

    Sorry, unfortunately the transport was provided by the Belarusian bus. However, we apologize. We have no influence on the quality of their services. Your assessment will be sent to the Belarusian carrier.

    Best regards

    Comvia Bus

  • Bialystok - Praha

    Disgusting. Incompetence. Bad maintenance resulting in breakdown. Hostile and incompetent driver. Formal complaint will be issued shortly. Avoid at all costs.

  • Grodno - Warszawa

    I was confused about the name on the bus, but the journey went as expected.

    I would have liked to have Wifi available, especially in Belarus.

    The delays at the Polish border affected everyone, that would deter me from repeating the journey.

    The bus stopped frequently for 'comfort breaks'... (toilets, smoking, snacks, drinks)

  • Wroclaw - Praha

    Everything was fine

  • Warszawa - Praha

    There's few people in midnight. It was convenient and silent. Also we stopped sometimes to go toilet because a toilet was closed in bus. That was okay!

  • Вроцлав - Минск

    Bus broke down in Bistostok, because of what we lost 4 hours in the cold (the fuel ran out and could not start the bus) + came to Wroclaw with a delay of 1 hour. route Prague-Minsk.

  • Praha - Grodno


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