• Adults Over 12 y.o.
  • Childs From 2 to 12 y.o.
  • Infants Without seat
Carrier ratings 2.99
Service staff
Price and quality
Total ratings: 98


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  • Wrocław - Chernivtsi


  • Lviv - Kraków

    It was so bad and hard trip. There is no people wearing mask and it was smelling too much alcohol it was my worst trip. For erasmus students do not choose this bus for going somewhere.

  • Krakow airport - Kalush

    All ok, good bus, driver gently called me on mobile about his 20minutes delay.

  • Варшава - Львов

    Aweful bus, 7h in the border... next time i am taking a train

  • Гданьск - Ивано-Франковск


  • Lviv - Rzeszow

    The bus was different compare the description and photo. Bus was very old with uncomfortable seats. There was no air-conditioning, wc. Some of passenger drank alkochol, and we had to stop our journay becasue one from them had to vomit... it was ridiculus! Dont choose bus from them

  • Krakow - Kolomyya

    The bus is very old, no toilet on board. Also, it's next to impossible to find the place of boarding using just ticket from email.

  • Warszawa - Lviv

    (This comment in Turkish.) Beklentilerinizi düşük tutun. Eski otobüsle gecikmeye hazırlıklı olun. Yanınıza su, yiyecek, yedek pil vb. şeyler alın. Ve mümkünse uçakla, değilse trenle gitmeyi deneyin. Başka çare kalmazsa otobüsü tercih edin. (varşova-lviv 400 KM 10 saat)

    Her şeye rağmen personel iyi niyetli ve yardımseverdi. Otobüsün modeli ile internetten yorum yapmak komik bir çelişki oluşturdu. Zamanla her şeyin daha iyi olacağına inanıyorum ve tüm Ukrayna ve Polonya halkına sevgi ve saygılarımı sunuyorum.

  • Wroclaw - Lviv

    Quick and efficient. Not wasting time during the breaks.

  • Lviv - Wroclaw

    Absolutely discusted with the service on the bus and the journey witch took 17hours nearly missed my flight got there 5 minutes before gate was closing in the airport. 5hour delay is very un-professional and the lack of customer service and respect from bus drivers is absolute "0". Bus kept stopping for their smoke breaks even tho we were 5 hours behind schedule. If there was a -5star rating it would be used. The details of my journey are : Lviv-Wroclaw on 18/9/17 at 18:15 - 9:40 bus registration number : AT5994AO . Hope something is done with the customer service because this is really not acceptable. Never again! Thanks for reading.

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