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Total ratings: 24 Carrier ratings: 2,4
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  • Ruse - Bucuresti

    The bus from Ruse to Bucarest didn’t arrive on 22/02/2019 and we had to take a taxi.

    On Orlan info desk there was no one to ask bus status information.

    I want my money back.

    25.02.2019 Administrator of the INFOBUS


    Your message is redirected to the carrier company, as soon as, we get an answer we will inform You.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to further cooperation.

  • Bucuresti - Ruse

    I would like to inform you that the bus from bucharest to ruse didn't come to pick up us at 07.30 and we waiting until 09.00 and then we take a taxi to go to ruse to take the another bus for sofia

    18.12.2018 Administrator of the INFOBUS

    Dear INFOBUS customer,

    We are very sorry for this situation.

    Your message is redirected to the carrier company, as soon as, we get an answer we will inform You.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to further cooperation.

  • Varna - Bucuresti

    The bus was almost three hours late (2 hour and 50 minutes to be exact). And while the bus service ultimately delivered, all those hours we were kept utterly in the dark by the dispatcher/customer service who were blank on what was happening with the bus. The driver was very apologetic and kind handling the delay , though, and said that the bus broke down. The company needs to concentrate on the customer service by keeping the passangers informed about delays. by e.g. sending sms messages when buses break down.

  • Sibiu - Varna

    The bus haven’t arrived. Stucked in foreign country without any information.

  • Bucuresti - Varna

    Bus trip went great. All on time.

    We have no complaints.

  • Bucuresti - Varna

    Bukarest Varna 21.06.2018 07:30-14:00:

    The Bus departed 90 minutes to late in Bukarest but he arrived Varna very early at 13:30 o clock. The staff in Bukarest and the busdriver was very kindly and helpfully. The most bad thing for me was, that my ticket was only online to read. But the busstation and the Bus self didnt have WiFi. I could start my journey only by reason of the kindness of the busdriver. I let me pass after that, i am showed him my passport. Correct it, ORLAN!!!! An other not very big problem is, that at the busstadion in Bukarest are not sign, where you can see where you bus is departing/arriving, whether generally signs, that your busline realy is driving here. In case of delay from until to 90 minutes, sometimes you can get easily nervous.

    With kind regards

  • Bucuresti - Varna

    From Bucharest to Varna: official dep at 7:30 am but 9:30 in real.

    Anyway the bus arrived at 2 pm (official arrival time).

    Bucharest Rahova bus station is far from the center and no real customer services...

  • Ruse - Bucuresti

    2 hours to travel 68 kms, left 10 mins late, drove 5 mins, then stopped for fuel which took another 15 mins, then drove another 5 mins to Bulgarian/Romanian border for another 20 min wait (not their fault) and while the bus had pretend air conditioning, it was still hot & stuffy on the bus and then dropped off 8 km from centre of Bucharest with no obvious way into the town centre.

  • Bucuresti - Varna

    Ery friendly and helpful drivers, average bus. Good for short trips.

  • Bucuresti - Varna

    The Bus from Bucharest to Varna arrived almost 2 hours late from Prague and no apology was given by the drivers. Also the personnel at Bucharest Bus station were unable to provide any information with regard to the 033 service. However, the Bus did arrive at Varna on time, which seems rather unusual given the 2 hours delay.

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