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Uzhorodskoye ATP-12107

Carrier ratings 3.47
Service staff
Price and quality
Total ratings: 12


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  • Uzhorodskoye ATP-12107Košice - Uzhgorod

    Everything was OK, very nice and helpful driver. I recommend!

  • Uzhorodskoye ATP-12107Košice - Uzhgorod

    GOOD, it came on time and everything was OK. Strangely, there was no courier name on the bus (Uzhorodskoye ATP), but something like Zhong Tong Bus.

  • Uzhorodskoye ATP-12107Košice - Uzhgorod

    An alright bus and everything, but the coaches at 11 would be amazing.

  • Uzhorodskoye ATP-12107Košice - Uzhgorod

    Great service . Wish there were coaches between 10 and 13 o'clock .

  • Uzhorodskoye ATP-12107Košice - Uzhgorod

    Noisy, bad seats quality

  • Uzhorodskoye ATP-12107Vysne Nemecke - Uzhgorod

    On time Service. The organizers are friendly. good experience.

  • Uzhorodskoye ATP-12107Vysne Nemecke - Uzhgorod

    Bus was 45 minutes early. Lucky we were at the station already. Bus is full of bags.

  • Uzhorodskoye ATP-12107Michalovce - Uzhgorod

    Worst ride ever! Typical Ukrainian matshrutka with shanson music and uncultured drivers.

  • Uzhorodskoye ATP-12107Košice - Uzhgorod

    I used Uzhgorodskoye ATP on the route between Kosice and Uzhgorod. It wasn't even bad - that was disaster! I've made a mistake buying ticket on Internet. In my naïvety I believed it would give me a guarantee of getting on the board... No, it didn't. The bus was small, old and dirty. There was zero organization: a crowd of passengers (they didn't have tickets, of course!) just stormed the bus, taking all available seats. I was lucky enough to board eventually - but it wasn't nice experience. The bus was full - but the driver was still taking a new passengers at the next bus stops. So, my advice: try to avoid this company as much as you can.

  • Uzhorodskoye ATP-12107Košice - Uzhgorod

    excellent service & value. Thank you

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