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Total ratings: 34 Rating: 3,9
Vehicle: 4,1
Service staff: 3,7
Price and quality: 3,8

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  • 5,0
    Tbilisi - Constanta

    The trip was Tbilisi to Izmail.

    1. Infobus advised, pre-trip, that passengers had to bring all food and drink on to the bus. However, the bus had a supply of free bottled water(500mL). Since the trip (Tbilisi-Izmail) was nominally 46 hours (actual~52 hours), this meant that I unnecessarily carried 3 litres of water on to the bus, and through customs entering Turkiye.

    2. Before istanbul, each passenger had a double seat, and it was extremely comfortable. The bus then filled, and space was quite tight for passengers used to being able to have an aircraft-type carry-on bag for personals, plus food, in this case ~2 kg.

    3. The passengers (all Ukrainian except me and one other) were all very agreeable and happy.

    4. A minor traffic accident (seemingly the fault of the driver of the car involved), resulted in a delay of ~3 hours due to a requirement for the drivers to provide a report to police.

    6. One one occasion, there was a substantial delay in the processing of one passenger by border authorities, and the bus crew left the bus with no ventilation operating. I think the Ukrainians would have put up with this until they expired, but in the event, I raised the issue, and it was duly translated and communicated to the crew, who restored ventilation soon after.

    7. At Constanta, although running ~5 hours behind schedule at that stage, The driver spent a substantial amount of time checking various venues like petrol stations, apparently expecting to find another passenger. It may be that "head office" had advised them of an expected boarding at Constanta, but were unaware that I had two tickets for the trip: Tbilisi-Constanta, and Constanta-Izmail, and was thus already on the bus.

    8. The menbers of the bus crew were polite, energetic, and professional.

  • 5,0
    Vinnytsia - Katowice

    I can only leave positive feedback. The bus was clean, there was Wifi, and even free coffee! The drivers were attentive and pleasant to the passengers. I definitely recommend this carrier.

  • 1,0
    Uman' - Varna

    Rogue company!!!! fraud !!

    Liar company!!!

    Do not buy from this company, you lose your entire vacation!!!

    At the last minute, the bus is cancelled,

    INFOBUS Administrator of the 03.10.2022


    We are very sorry for the situation that has happened to your trip.

    The bus did not came to Uman, and we were informed by carrier only at the day of departure.

    As soon as we get information, we informed you for cancelation of tickets and offered you the nearest alternative variant. The full refund was made immediately from our side.

    Sorry for inconvenience!

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