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About the city
Map Genova

Country: Italy

Population: 594 254 Citizens

Local time: 01:36:43 (22.02.2024)

Currency: EUR

Genoa is a beautiful city in northern Italy. It is surrounded by two seas and the Apennine Mountains. This area has long been a centre of trade, bringing income to the region. Paganini and Columbus were born here. The striking beauty and fabulous atmosphere of this area attracted many directors, the brothers Lumiere and Alfred Hitchcock shot their films in Genoa. This resort city is very popular with Italians, but foreign visitors are just beginning to recognise it. You can get here from different parts of the country, just buy tickets for the Milan-Genoa bus, Rome-Genoa bus or Turin-Genoa bus.

The whole of Genoa is divided into the Old and New Town. There are no hotels in the areas near the New Town, but many locals rent cheap apartments or rooms. Local guides advise staying in the Old Port area and close to the main attractions, as there are interesting locations within a short distance from each other.

Bus schedule Genoa

Genoa can be reached by various means of transport: train, bus, car or plane. The choice of transport depends on your preferences, budget and convenience. Many travellers choose the Genoa bus because it has its advantages:

          - compared to other forms of transport, bus tickets are more affordable, which allows you to save money on travel;

          - modern buses run direct routes from one destination to another, which reduces travel time and makes travelling more convenient;

          - the starting and ending point of the trip is usually located in the city centre, which makes it easier to access various types of public transport and public services;

          - when travelling by bus, you can enjoy the views of nature and scenery, especially if the route passes through picturesque places;

          - many buses provide a high level of safety and comfort for passengers, providing soft seats, air conditioning and other amenities.

You can book bus tickets in Genoa online several weeks before the trip. Before doing so, it is recommended to check the schedule, ticket prices and conditions of bus travel in a particular region. On the INFOBUS website you can buy tickets to Genoa and other cities of Italy at affordable prices. Buses from Genoa often depart to different regions of the country. To get there, travellers should take the Genoa-Milan bus or the Genoa-Rome bus.

Bus tickets for Genoa are booked, it's time to learn a little more about the city

This small city in Italy has been generously gifted with nature and a rich history. If it were not for the more "glamorous" Venice and Florence, it would be rightfully the "most beautiful city" in Europe. It is said to be the most English city in Italy. The fact is that this place has long been popular with the people of England, who come here not only for holidays but also to buy property. Thus, unlike other cities in Italy, people in Genoa speak English perfectly, and menus and signs are duplicated. That is why foreign tourists love it so much and often buy a bus ticket to Genoa.

The first mention of Genoa dates back to the Roman Empire, and since then, many cultural and architectural monuments have been preserved here. It joined Italy after the Congress of Vienna. After that, the area became one of the main ports in the Mediterranean of the Sardinian Kingdom. Not only the rich architectural heritage, but also the stunning seascapes of Genoa fascinate and inspire everyone who has ever visited it.

Bus routes in Genoa - when is the best time to visit the city?

In Genoa, Easter and the summer months are considered the highest season. At this time, tourists come here from all over the world, so the prices for accommodation, food and souvenirs increase significantly. The low season lasts from November to April. The best time to relax on the beach in Genoa is from May to October. Even in October, the water temperature in this place does not drop below +20 °C, so in spring and summer you can relax comfortably with the whole family.

Useful tips for travellers to Genoa:

         1. The city has a well-developed public transport network, including buses and trams, and a metro. You can buy travel passes to save money.

         2. If you prefer to be independent, you can use car rental services. Remember that the centre of Genoa can be busy and parking spaces may be limited.

         3. Genoa is famous for its culinary tradition. Try dishes such as pesto, focaccia, seafood and traditional Ligurian pastas. Restaurants and cafes are located everywhere in the historic centre and port area.

         4. Be sure to visit the local markets, such as Mercato Orientale, to enjoy the authentic produce and atmosphere. Here you can buy fresh fruit, olives, cheeses and other products.

         5. The city has a variety of accommodation options, from luxury hotels in the historic centre to more affordable options on the outskirts of the city. For longer stays, consider renting an apartment.

Plan your trip to include Genoa's interesting historical and cultural attractions, such as the Aquarium, the Doge's Palace, and various museums and galleries. You can see them on your own or with a guide.

The bus to Genoa has brought you, it's time to enjoy your holiday

Genoa, known for its magnificent historical heritage, resorts and luxury hotels, is the centre of the Ligurian Riviera. Piazza Ferrari, St. Lawrence Cathedral, and the late Baroque Palazzo dei Rolli attract tourists from all over the world. Some of the historical sites are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Tourists who come here should definitely

          - see Christopher Columbus's house. You can get inside only by appointment or on Columbus Day, which is celebrated on 12 October;

          - visit the largest water park in Italy, covering an area of 3100 m2. It is home to numerous marine life, which you can get to know better;

          - take a walk through the Old Port. The thousand-year-old La Lanterna lighthouse, the Maritime Museum and the Biosphere Botanical Reserve are located here. It was from here that great navigators set out to discover America;

          - go to the opera at the Teatro Carlo Felice, where Giuseppe Verdi himself staged his productions;

          - enjoy Ligurian cuisine. Farinata, focaccia, emerald pesto sauce - a minimum programme for true gourmets;

          - buy souvenirs in the shopping areas of Via XX Settembre. There are many boutiques with famous Italian brands and small antique shops with history.

Genoa is a fascinating city, where skyscrapers coexist with crusader towers, and industrial areas are combined with romantic narrow streets. Book an online ticket to Genoa to see this peculiar alleyway of Europe, connecting roads from the East and West, with your own eyes. And if you want to continue travelling in Italy, buy a bus ticket Genoa-Naples.

Bus prices Genoa: how much money will you need for your holiday?

The cost of a holiday in Genoa can vary significantly depending on your lifestyle, preferences and budget. A bus ticket to Genoa is the main expense for a traveller. Accommodation costs from 40 to 150 euros, and you can find both budget hostels and luxury apartments in the city. The price of food also has a wide range: street food or snacks in cafes cost 5-15 euros, and the average restaurant bill is 20 to 50 euros for a full meal. Public transport in Genoa is inexpensive - about 1.50 euros.

Local museums are expensive, with entrance fees starting at 10 euros per person, but there are discounts for students and children, plus there are interesting sights in the city that can be seen for free. The cost of guided tours varies from 20 to 50 euros. These figures are approximate and may vary depending on the season and other conditions. Be sure to talk to the locals - they are very open and happy to tell you more about Genoa.


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