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Want to make a trip to Milano, Italy? You will find bus tickets to Milano on our website Use the search form above to book your tickets from trusted carriers and travel on modern buses to Milano.

About the city
Map Milano

Country: Italy

Population: 1 331 586 Citizens

Local time: 02:43:38 (01.03.2024)

Currency: EUR

The capital of Lombardy is a city of incredible vitality. Its streets are a mix of harsh Middle Ages, Renaissance-inspired architecture, pompous classicism and utilitarian modernity. Milan has the status of an open-air museum due to the large number of architectural and artistic monuments located in a small area. It is often called the football capital of Italy, the opera capital of Europe, and the world capital of fashion and shopping. A convenient and fast way to get here is by bus Milan.

Milan is no less popular than British London or French Paris. It attracts people from all over the world who love entertainment, shopping and sightseeing. It doesn't take much time to get to know the city and immerse yourself in its spirit. When you buy a bus ticket to Milan, you will feel that you will not want to leave this hospitable and colourful city.

Bus schedule Milan: is it convenient to get to the city?

Milan can be reached by plane, train, bus and private transport. The airport is located outside the city, so a bus to Milan is a more convenient and comfortable option for long journeys. This mode of transport allows you to get to Italy from other countries quickly and conveniently. Travelling by bus has a number of advantages, especially for travellers with children:

         1. Modern international buses have comfortable seats, toilets, climate control, Wi-Fi and other facilities for long journeys

         2. It is possible to study different routes, departure times and book bus tickets to Milan online.

         3. Regardless of the season and weather, you can enjoy breathtaking views and panoramas outside the window while travelling by bus.

         4. The current bus schedule and the ability to buy tickets in advance allow you to plan your trips and prepare for your voyage.

Flights to Milan and other Italian cities operate regularly. You can buy tickets on the INFOBUS website. Here you can order tickets for the bus Milan-Rome, bus Milan-Bergamo, bus Milan-Turin, bus Pescara-Milan, bus Bologna-Milan and others.

Bus tickets to Milan have already been bought, what else should a tourist take care of?

Hotels in Milan are more expensive than in most other Italian cities, but even here you can find cheap accommodation options, from campsites and hostels to inexpensive hotels. For example, there are good and affordable hotels in the suburbs, but they are only accessible by car. There are plenty of mid-range hotels with two or four stars in Milan. Almost all rooms have a bathroom, a TV and a reception that works around the clock. The best hotels in the centre are located on Piazza della Repubblica or Via Manzoni. Republic Square or Via Manzoni, as well as near the main train stations.

In Milan, you can easily walk around the city on foot, the distance between the sights is small. But if you are tired, you can use public transport. Buses, trams, subways and regular trolleybuses run regularly to get to any part of the city. The price of one trip is €1.50. You can also buy a day pass for €4.50 or a 48-hour pass for €8.25. It is better to buy tickets at a ticket office or in a special machine.

Bus routes in Milan: a list of things to do for every traveller

Milan doesn't quite meet the standards of a traditional Italian city, but the capital of Lombardy has many wonderful attractions that make the city no less attractive than Verona and Venice. A tourist in Milan should definitely do a few things:

          - Admire the Duomo first in daylight and then in the evening light;

          - climb to any observation deck;

          - see the Last Supper;

          - enjoy the masterpieces of Caravaggio, Raphael and Titian in the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana;

          - listen to the opera in La Scala (if you come to the box office in the daytime and in advance, there is a chance to get an inexpensive ticket for something lucky);

          - go shopping;

          - visit one of the countless exhibitions that regularly take place in the city;

          - wait out the rain with a cup of hot chocolate.

Be sure to get to know the local cuisine, which highly values homemade products and dishes. Risotto alla milanese, made with chicken breast and saffron, and braised veal shank "ossobuco" are dishes that can be found in any city restaurant. In addition, the famous Italian dessert is a wonderful ice cream. For lunch or dinner, choose restaurants that offer happy hours - you pay an entrance fee and take as much food as you can eat.

Bus to Milan: a list of sights to start exploring the city

Despite the fact that Milan has long been considered a city of high prices, there are many interesting places that will tell you about its atmosphere for free:

         1. Architecture lovers should visit Milan's churches, such as Santa Maria delle Grazie in the Piazza della Ponte. Keep in mind that Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper", which is visited by many tourists every year, is located in a small building of the National Museum next to the church. It is worth booking a visit online in advance.

         2. Be sure to visit the Sforza Castle. You can walk around its grounds and courtyard for free, but you'll need to pay to enter the museums. Or wait until Friday, when the museums are open to everyone for free after 14:00.

         3. Milan's parks are another must-stop for travellers. Here you can escape from the heat and enjoy the magnificent views. The most beautiful of them are Sempione Park (between the Sforza Castle and the Arch of Peace) and Giardini Pubblici (30 minutes on foot from the central station).

The best time to visit Milan is in spring or autumn. At this time, you can walk the streets for a long time and not suffer from the heat. In winter, it's rainy and foggy in the city, but on Christmas Eve the city is transformed and looks festive and stylish. You can book a bus to Milan right now to prepare for your winter holidays. Other famous cities of Italy are located nearby, and there are regular buses to Milan from there, most often the Bergamo-Milan bus and the Turin-Milan bus.

Bus prices in Milan: how to keep within the travel budget?

MilanoCard is a popular discount card for city guests. It entitles its holders to special prices and offers in about 500 establishments, including restaurants, shops, etc., as well as free admission to about 20 city museums. It also allows you to use public transport for free. The most popular MilanoCard options are 24 hours and 3 days. You can pay for the card in advance with a bank card or PayPal, and then collect it at the airport, train station, or at your hotel.

Don't forget that Milan is a recognised world fashion capital and perhaps the No. 1 city where people most often go on a shopping tour. Many boutiques often offer discounts and sales, so even tourists with an average budget can buy quality items or souvenirs cheaply. Winter sales begin on the first Saturday in January, and summer sales on the first Saturday in July. They usually last for one and a half to two months. If you love shopping in European boutiques, buy tickets to Milan as soon as possible. Here you can buy exclusive clothes, jewellery, fur products, gourmet gastronomy and more.



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