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Want to make a trip to Napoli, Italy? You will find bus tickets to Napoli on our website Use the search form above to book your tickets from trusted carriers and travel on modern buses to Napoli.

About the city
Map Napoli

Country: Italy

Population: 989 598 Citizens

Local time: 22:45:05 (23.07.2024)

Currency: EUR

Naples is the best place to feel the atmosphere of Southern Italy. As soon as you buy a ticket to Naples, your adventure begins! You will meet friendly locals and make new interesting acquaintances. Unique routes through the narrow streets of the Old Town are available to every traveller. Here you can enjoy ancient history, cultural monuments and incredible seascapes. Buses to other regions of Italy often depart from here, for example, the Naples-Rome bus and the Naples-Bari bus.

This city is associated with two things that are completely unrelated to each other: Mount Vesuvius and pizza. The former brought the city notoriety for its eruptions, which killed many people. While the latter has brought happiness to thousands of people around the world. It is worth coming here for the authentic pizza and incredible atmosphere. Most often, the following buses arrive in the city from neighbouring regions: Pescara-Naples, Rome-Naples, Foggia-Naples.

Bus schedule Naples: how to get there quickly and comfortably for tourists?

There are several convenient ways for tourists to get to Naples, depending on their location and personal preferences. The city has an international airport, which is a good option for tourists travelling from afar, but it is the most expensive and not everyone can afford it. Naples also has a well-developed railway connection, and local companies provide a wide range of trains of different comfort levels and price categories. The cheapest way to get here is by bus to Naples. It takes more time than a plane or train, but it will help you to get to Italy from other European countries comfortably.

You can buy a bus ticket to Naples online in advance, which will help you save some money. Bus services to Italy are provided regularly. You can buy bus tickets to Naples on the INFOBUS website, taking into account the current schedule. Travelling by bus can give you the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent views of Naples and its surroundings. The city is famous for its historical sites, great food and beautiful scenery, and travelling by bus can be a great way to explore this amazing city. Don't forget to check the bus routes and schedules in advance to make the most of your trip.

Bus tickets to Naples: what attracts tourists to this city?

In the XVIII century, the Romans first used the phrase "Vedi Napoli e poi muori" to describe Naples. At first glance, this city, located in the Bay of Naples, combining many cultures, strikes with its beauty. It is dominated by grandeur, history and the memory of Caesar and Nero. The city has many monuments of architecture, art, and important sites. In general, it is a great object for research for historians and people who worship artists and poets. Once you've been to Naples, you can never forget it. Today, it is an architectural treasure trove that holds information about how modern civilisation developed.

Naples has a wonderful subtropical climate, with sunshine almost all year round. In winter, the average air temperature is +9 C. In spring, there is rarely any precipitation, and the air temperature reaches +18 C. In summer, the average air temperature is +26 °C. The velvet season begins in late September. This is the time when the water in the bay is still suitable for swimming, and the air is filled with the aroma and warmth of basil. You can visit Naples at any time of the year. Comfortable routes to other cities of the country often run from the city, for example, the Naples-Pescara bus or the Naples-Foggia bus.

Bus routes in Naples: where to go in the city immediately after arrival?

Naples, located in the south of Italy, is known for its rich history, cultural heritage and picturesque landscapes. If you are planning to visit this city, you should definitely do the following:

         1. Taste a real Neapolitan pizza. Not far from Garibaldi station, there is L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele, which became popular after the release of the film Eat, Pray, Love. Only two types of pizza are served here - Margherita and Marinara, and they are simply delicious.

         2. Visit the catacombs of Sotterranea to better understand this city. They date back to Greek times. For many hundreds of years, the catacombs have served as wells, garbage bins, mafia hideouts and even bomb shelters.

         3. Climbing Mount Vesuvius on foot is the most dangerous volcano in Europe. The event is not for the faint of heart, but it is necessary to look at the world around you in a new way and understand why Neapolitans love life so much.

         4. Take a ferry trip to Palermo, Sorrento, Capri or any nearby city of your choice. From the sea, you will see Naples in all its glory. The view of the Bay of Naples is mesmerising and breathtaking.

         5. Climb to the observation deck of the Castel Sant'Elmo and take your most romantic photos.

         6. Listen to classical music performed by Italian artists in the oldest theatre in Europe - the famous San Carlo. Opera artists and world-class instrumental ensembles perform on this stage.

         7. Rent a legendary Vespa scooter and go exploring the surrounding area. This will allow you to get to know Naples better and feel its atmosphere to the fullest.

Naples is also famous for its rich culinary culture, including pizza, pasta and fresh seafood. Don't forget to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in local cafes and restaurants.

Bus to Naples is booked, now it's time to think about the hotel

Naples offers many accommodation options, but it is better to book hotels in the historic centre if you want to actively explore the sights. You can also book a room in hotels near the railway station if you are just passing through or planning a long trip to other cities. The city has hotels, hostels and guesthouses for every budget.

The cost of hotel rooms in Naples varies depending on their location and class. The cheapest hotels will be near the railway station, and the most expensive hotels are located in the coastal part of the city and in its historic centre. Before booking a hotel in Naples, read the reviews and get acquainted with the description of the rooms, their location and distance to historical sites. In addition, it will be useful to know about the rules of staying at the hotel, as well as the cost of additional services, if any.

Bus prices to Naples: how much money do I need for my holiday?

Travelling to Naples is usually expensive, but there are ways to save money. If you've already bought a bus ticket to Naples, here are some more useful tips:

          - use public transport. Naples offers a wide range of public transport options. You can also buy a travel pass to save money;

          - study local guidebooks, they usually contain information about local bus tours and attractions;

          - avoid popular tourist destinations, where the price of food, excursions and other leisure activities will be higher.

Accommodation in the city has a wide price range; you can stay in hostels for as little as €20 per night. The average restaurant bill is 15 euros, and the city fare is 1 euro. It is better to book a bus to Naples online, you will always have it with you, it will not get lost and it can be returned or exchanged if necessary. You can also conveniently buy a ticket for a flight between different parts of Italy, for example, for the Bari Naples bus.

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