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About the city
Map Pescara

Country: Italy

Local time: 06:09:00 (01.03.2024)

Currency: EUR

Pescara is the capital of the province of Abruzzo and a major cultural, transport and port centre. It is located on the Adriatic coast, 155 km from Rome. It is the largest city in the county, known for its 16-kilometre-long sandy coastline, vibrant nightlife, and many attractions. Many people come here on a passing visit because Pescara is home to Abruzzo International Airport, which receives flights from all over Italy. There are also frequent buses from neighbouring cities, such as the Rome-Pescara bus or the Bologna-Pescara bus.

Holidaymakers can take many excursions, see the main sights of the city, and relax on the beach. Jazz fans come to Pescara every year from mid-July to the end of August for the World Jazz Festival. The city is attractive for music lovers and lovers of Italian cuisine, as local chefs cook real miracles. Pescara is located next to the largest national park in the country and just an hour's drive from the ski resorts of the Mayella massif, so you can come here in any season, including winter. If you want to immerse yourself in its special atmosphere, book your Pescara bus online now.

Bus schedule Pescara: is it convenient to get to the city?

The easiest, simplest and fastest way to get to Pescara is by plane - Abruzzo Airport is just three kilometres from the city centre. However, not all travellers have the financial means to fly by plane, so many of them choose ground transport - train or bus like Pescara. It is more economical and convenient, especially for those who prefer a more flexible travel schedule. You can buy Pescara bus tickets online without leaving your home on the INFOBUS website

Bus travel can be more flexible than rail or air travel. When travelling by bus, tourists can enjoy the scenery and nature on the way. In addition, some tourists prefer buses because of the feeling of safety and comfort during the journey. From here, there are often departures to different parts of Italy, such as Pescara-Rome bus, Pescara-Milan bus, etc.

Tickets for the bus in Pescara are bought, it's time to get to know the city

In the warm season, Pescara is very popular with tourists, its popularity can be compared to the most popular seaside resorts in Italy. This is not surprising, as the city offers excellent hotels, many cosy restaurants and souvenir shops, lively nightlife and clean sandy beaches of about 16 kilometres. Even those who don't like beach holidays will find something to their liking here. Here are some options for leisure activities in Pescara:

          - The city has an old historic centre with narrow streets, cafes and restaurants. Here you can stroll around and enjoy the atmosphere of Pescara;

          - Pescara has several interesting museums dedicated to art, history and culture. For example, the Gabriele D'Annunzio Museum offers a collection of works by this Italian artist;

          - the city is famous for its cuisine. Tourists can taste traditional Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza, fresh seafood, and much more;

          - Pescara regularly hosts various events and festivals throughout the year - music concerts, cultural events and traditional holidays;

          - interesting excursions in the vicinity of Pescara. For example, you can visit the Gran Sasso National Park and Montequignano;

          - there are many shops in the city centre where you can buy Italian goods, fashionable clothes and souvenirs.

Pescara offers a variety of leisure activities, including history, culture, outdoor activities, or cooking. If you get bored with the city, you can travel to the neighbouring regions by buying tickets for the Pescara-Naples bus or Pescara-Bologna bus.

Bus routes to Pescara: the most interesting sights of the city

Despite the fact that Pescara is often advertised as a beach resort, tourists should visit the city for its many interesting attractions:

         1. Palazzo del Marchese is a magnificent palace, also known as the Palazzo Nautilus, built in the Art Deco style and located on the seashore. Inside is a museum of contemporary art.

         2. Holy Thursday Cathedral is the main Catholic church in Pescara. Inside you can see beautiful paintings and statues.

         3. Roman Bridge - was built in 2009 and serves as a symbol of the city. In the evening it is illuminated, creating a beautiful night atmosphere.

         4. Pescara Castle - was built in the XVI century and served as a defensive fortress. Today the castle houses the National Art Gallery of Abruzzo.

         5. Pescara Marina - here you can enjoy a stroll along the promenade and taste local fish dishes in one of the restaurants.

         6. Piazza Salotto is the central part of the old town. Here you will find many cafes, bars and shops.

         7. Gabriele D'Annunzio Museum - Dedicated to the famous Italian poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, this museum is located in his former residence and offers a unique insight into the life and work of the poet.

These attractions provide a variety of experiences and reflect the history and culture of Pescara. The distance between them is short. If you are already impressed by this city, you can book your bus ticket to Pescara today.

Bus to Pescara in your pocket, it's time to think about accommodation

There are various accommodation options for tourists in this region. Here are the most popular ones:

          - Pescara offers a variety of hotels in different comfort levels and price categories. You can choose a hotel in the city centre, close to attractions, or in a quiet coastal area;

          - renting apartments or flats is a great option for those who prefer more space and independence. It is also a good option for groups of tourists or families;

          - the city has cosy guest houses offering comfortable accommodation with personalised service;

          - if you want to spend the night cheaply, Pescara may have hostels that offer shared accommodation and a friendly atmosphere.

To choose the right place to stay, read reviews from other travellers and check the current ratings on popular travel websites. Travellers from neighbouring cities who have bought tickets for the bus Naples-Pescara, bus Milan-Pescara, etc. stay in local hotels.

Bus prices in Pescara: what other costs are waiting for travellers?

The ticket to Pescara and the hotel are the main expenses when travelling, but you should also take into account meals, souvenirs, and excursions. Since Pescara is a seaside town, its culinary traditions are based on seafood. Polpi in purgatorio is one of the most popular local dishes. "Octopus in purgatory" is the literal name of this dish. It probably got this original name because of the chilli pepper, which is one of the most important ingredients. As for the meat, the most common in Pescara and throughout Abruzzo are kebabs made from pork and lamb. Small pieces of meat are cut and skewered on wooden skewers, then baked and served hot, wrapped in foil.

Pescara has many shops selling designer clothes and shoes, which are often bought by tourists. Various trinkets and handicrafts made by local craftsmen are also suitable as souvenirs. It is worth paying attention to pottery, jewellery, ceramics and fabric products. And don't forget to bring a bottle of real Italian wine with you. The price of souvenirs starts at a few euros.


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