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About the city
Map Rimini

Country: Italy

Population: 147 500 Citizens

Local time: 23:13:31 (26.02.2024)

Currency: EUR

Rimini, located on the Italian coast of the Adriatic, is known as a budget resort with quality service at reasonable prices. It is an ideal place for families with children, and the city has many clubs, bars, restaurants and other entertainment options to keep adults entertained. In addition, Rimini is one of the few places where you can combine a beach holiday with a visit to local attractions. Here you can find the remains of ancient Rome and the Middle Ages. This city still preserves the memory of the time when Julius Caesar was thinking about whether to cross the Rubicon. In addition, when you settle in Rimini, you can visit the small Republic of San Marino, which is located at a distance of 30 km.

The resort of Rimini offers warm seas and clean, fine sand along a wide line of well-equipped beaches. The city has hundreds of bars, restaurants, discos, and shops along the 15-kilometre coastline. It is a great destination for sightseers, partygoers and beach lovers alike. The city will welcome its guests with all the Italian hospitality. You can get here from all regions of Italy using the Bologna-Rimini bus, Milan-Rimini bus and others.

Bus schedule in Rimini: travel inexpensively and comfortably

Rimini is a city that harmoniously combines the lush splendour of architecture and its elegance. If you want to enjoy the unique masterpieces and recharge your batteries with the energy of this amazing city, book a Rimini bus. There are several ways to get to this place from neighbouring cities and even other countries. You can buy bus tickets if you are afraid of flying and don't like noisy trains with lots of companions. You can easily reach anywhere in Italy with this convenient and fast transport.

If you don't want to waste time waiting at the ticket office, you can book your bus tickets in Rimini online on INFOBUS at a low price. You can plan your travel, accommodation and excursions up to several weeks in advance. The city has a moderately warm climate, so it is comfortable at any time of the year. It's also convenient to get to other cities in Italy, just buy bus tickets for the bus Rimini Bologna, bus Rimini Rome and others.

Tickets for the bus Rimini are bought, it's time to get to know the city better

There are many amusement parks in and around Rimini, as well as a dolphinarium and a water park, so younger visitors won't get bored either. The city's most famous holiday is the Summer New Year, also known as the Pink Night. This event takes place in late June or early July. Everything turns pink and Rimini looks like cotton candy.

If you are indifferent to beach holidays, the city will surprise you with ancient Roman buildings. Be sure to see the Arch of Emperor Augustus (built in 27 BC), the Tiberius Bridge, the Malatesta Fortress, which was once the residence of the ruler of Rimini, the Malatesta Temple-Mausoleum, designed by the famous Leon Alberti. The great Federico Fellini was also born in Rimini and lived there until the age of 17. The museum dedicated to him houses all five Oscars, costumes used in his films, many photographs and other interesting exhibits.

Bus routes in Rimini: what should tourists do here first?

The architecture and unique history of the city are impressive, and even sophisticated visitors can find something interesting for themselves. If you're coming to Rimini for the first time, do the following:

          - Immerse yourself in the gentle waves of the Adriatic. The beaches of Rimini stretch in a continuous chain along the entire coast for 15 km, all of them are well-maintained, the level of service is high, but almost all are paid;

          - visit the Tempio Malatesta, a tomb temple commissioned by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta. The most famous masters of that era, including Giotto, worked on its interior;

          - take a walk through the city centre from Piazza delle Marta to Piazza del Cavour. The former is named after three Resistance heroes executed by the Nazis. Piazza Cavour is overlooked by the facades of three town halls and the Galli Theatre, where Verdi staged his Harold;

          - take a bird's eye view of Italy. Rimini has a wonderful park called "Italy in Miniature", where you can see exact copies of 270 different monuments of the country;

          - get to know the history of Rimini in the City Museum. Among the exhibits are many artefacts from the Roman era and the Middle Ages;

          - walk along the alleys of Fellini Park. It is not large, but very cosy and adjacent to the Grand Hotel, where the famous director stayed. The park is home to the Four Horses Fountain, a symbol of Rimini;

          - try the local cuisine, which is characterised by fish and other seafood dishes. Order, for example, tagliatelle with shrimp and clams or mortadella (boiled sausage that literally melts in your mouth). But the most original local dish is the piadina di rimini. This is a flatbread folded in half with various fillings.

This is a diverse city where couples in love, large companies and families with children can find something to do. If you are interested in this resort, you can book an online ticket to Rimini and back right now.

Bus to Rimini: useful information for travellers

Holidays in this corner of Italy will be remembered for a long time for its colour, warmth and unique atmosphere. Rimini is a popular tourist destination, and to make your trip here especially comfortable, you should consider some useful tips for tourists:

          - the city is relatively compact, the distance between interesting locations is short, so you can get around Rimini on foot or rent a bicycle, especially in the warm season;

          - if you use public transport, buy a 1, 3 or 7-day pass. This way you can get around the city cheaply;

          - Rimini's beaches are divided into paid and free, sun loungers and umbrellas are included in the rental price;

          - try the traditional dishes of the region, such as pasta, ravioli and local types of cheese and wine.Please note that lunch in Italy is usually served from 12:30 to 14:30, and dinner is served after 19:30;

          - Italian is the official language in Rimini, but English is fluent in the tourist areas.

In Rimini, meet the locals, take colourful photos, appreciate Italian cuisine and buy souvenirs. If you don't like noisy events, book a trip in the months when there are not so many people and festive events in the city. It is advisable to buy a bus ticket in Rimini in advance to save some money. If you want to see more Italian cities, book a bus ticket Rimini Milan or bus Rimini Naples.

Bus prices in Rimini: how to have a good time and stay within the budget?

The costs of tourists in Rimini can vary depending on various factors, including season, place of residence, individual preferences. The holiday budget includes a bus to Rimini, a hotel (from 40 euros per night), food (a restaurant check for two will cost from 50 euros), beach services, excursions and entertainment, shopping and souvenirs, as well as other small expenses.

It is better to book accommodation in the southern or northern part of the city. The price of food within the city is quite affordable and you can save money if you don't eat out every day. Don't forget to allocate money for excursions in your budget if you don't want to spend all day on the beach and want to get as much out of your Italy tour as possible.


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