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Want to make a trip to Udine, Italy? You will find bus tickets to Udine on our website Use the search form above to book your tickets from trusted carriers and travel on modern buses to Udine.

About the city
Map Udine

Country: Italy

Local time: 14:26:57 (03.03.2024)

Currency: EUR

Udine is one of the oldest cities in Italy, but few tourists know about it. Most visitors come from other parts of Italy, attracted by the city's historical and important monuments, as well as some of the oldest football clubs in the country. If you don't like noisy festivals and crowds of tourists, book a trip in the months when there are not so many people and festive events. You can get here by any means of transport, most often by bus to Udine.

In order to attract tourists from abroad, Udine does not hold large mass celebrations. Instead, the town attracts tourists with its peace and harmony. It seems that nothing can make the locals give up their favourite daily rituals. For example, they have a good tradition of spending evenings in their favourite bars, which are a kind of symbol of the city. Guests from neighbouring cities often travel here using the bus Milan-Udine, bus Rome-Udine, etc.

Bus schedule Udine: getting ready to go

Udine is a historic city in northeastern Italy that attracts tourists with its architecture, culture and great historical heritage. There are several transport options for tourists, but the bus can be one of the most convenient and cost-effective options. Here are some reasons why you should choose a bus in Udine:

          - INFOBUS provides regular routes to Udine from various cities. The comfortable buses are equipped with comfortable seats and other amenities;

          - a bus ticket in Udine is cheaper than train or airline tickets. This attracts tourists who want to save on transport costs;

          - bus routes allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Italy on the way;

          - bus stations are often located in the centre of cities, which provides convenience for tourists.

Before planning your trip, you should check the schedule and conditions of bus transportation to choose the best option. A more favourable price for bus tickets in Udine online on the website of the carrier will be a few weeks before the trip. On the INFOBUS website you can also buy tickets for the bus Udine-Milan, bus Udine-Trieste and other cities of the country.

Bus tickets in Udine bought, now it's time to get to know the city

Udine is a famous shopping centre, in addition to historical monuments, it surprises with a variety of shops and souvenir shops. The city's historic craftsmen continue to work and travellers can buy unique handmade products. For many years, Udine was under the control of Venice, so the production of beautiful glass jewellery was an important component of the artisanal tradition. In addition, there are still artisanal shops in the city that produce excellent ceramics and textiles.

There are not many restaurants and bars in Udine, and most of them are aimed at locals. They serve traditional home-cooked meals and delicious wines, while local establishments surprise guests with hospitality, variety of dishes and a fascinating atmosphere. Almost all of them are located in beautiful old buildings, and some of their interiors are more like historical museums. You can see antique furniture and crockery, hunting trophies and works of art among the exhibits.

Bus routes in Udine: time for a walk around the city

Udine is not a popular tourist town. However, the locals are always happy to welcome visitors and will gladly tell them interesting stories about their hometown. The city has a rich history and culture, and there are many attractions:

          - Piazza Liberta is the main square of Udine, surrounded by architectural buildings. It is home to the Venetian Lion's Column and Arco Bisega, the entrance to the historic centre;

          - Udine Castle on Castello Hill - offers a magnificent view of the city. It houses the city museum;

          - Udine Cathedral - dedicated to St Mark and St Andrew. Its facade is decorated in the Baroque style, and the interior is filled with works of art.

          - The Palazzo del Torre is a magnificent example of Renaissance architecture;

          - Piazza San Giacomo - Another magnificent square in Udine, where there is a statue of Garibaldi;

          - The Basilica of San Giacomo is a baroque church that is one of the symbols of Udine;

          - The Museum of Oriental Art contains a unique collection of art and artefacts from Asia and Africa.

These places provide just a small overview of the interesting locations in Udine. The city offers many other cultural and historical attractions for tourists. If you have a lot of free time, you can visit several other majestic cities of Italy, buy tickets for the bus Udine-Venice or bus Udine-Rome.

Bus to Udine is booked, time to find a hotel

Udine is a hospitable city in northeastern Italy, and tourists can usually find various accommodation options here. You can book your accommodation in advance or immediately upon arrival. There are various options available to travellers:

          - the city has various hotels offering comfortable rooms with different levels of service and prices;

          - some tourists prefer apartments, especially if they plan to stay for a long time. Apartments are equipped with everything you need for independent living;

          - if you want to spend a cheap night, you can consider hostels. They often provide shared rooms at the most affordable prices;

          - travellers can also stay in guest houses or rent rooms from local residents.

Booking through online platforms provides reviews and ratings from other travellers to help you make a more informed, conscious choice.

Bus prices in Udine: what other costs can tourists expect?

The costs of tourists in this city can vary depending on the season, place of residence, individual preferences and budget. The main holiday expenses are a ticket to Udine, hotel (from 50 euros per night), food (food prices are more affordable in eateries and supermarkets), excursions, entertainment, souvenirs, city transport and other small expenses. Here are some useful tips on how you can save more:

          - the city is relatively small, the distance between interesting locations is short, so you can walk around Udine on foot;

          - if you plan to use public transport, buy a 1 or 3 day pass. This way you can get around the city cheaply and quickly;

          - don' t buy souvenirs or any other goods in tourist places, because there will be extra charges.

The price of food is affordable and you can save money if you don't eat out every day in expensive restaurants. Don't forget to allocate money for excursions in your budget if you don't want to spend all day in a hotel and want to get as much out of your tour to Italy as possible. Knowing the approximate prices, you can plan your budget and arrange your dream holiday. Udine is a cosy town that attracts with its rich cultural diversity. There are many interesting and beautiful places here that will bring pleasure to any tourist.

It is a diverse city where you can find something to your liking for couples in love, large groups of young people and families with children. Museums, tasting rooms and many restaurants with delicious Italian dishes will not leave you indifferent!


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