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About the city
Map Almeria

Country: Spain

Local time: 07:11:41 (23.02.2024)

Currency: EUR

Almeria is a small resort town located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. The city is considered to be calm and friendly, but it is full of contrasts, so your vacation in Almeria will definitely be remembered. Despite its European status, there is a mix of different cultures and historical eras. This can be seen in the Arabian fortress, mosque and other defensive fortifications. The province is home to Europe's only desert, as well as dozens of pristine beaches, an old town, national parks, and other unique natural areas that have served as a film set for more than 500 movies. The bus to Almeria will help you get here conveniently and comfortably.

The city attracts travelers with its picturesque mountainous landscape, the Arab fortress of Alcazaba, built by the first Andalusian Caliph Abd al-Rahman, and numerous beaches. The first memories of Almeria date back to the IX century, when Arab rulers defended the coast from Norman raids.  In the XI-XII centuries, during the period of Moorish rule, after the fall of the caliphate, Almeria reached its heyday. In the XI century, it became the most important international port of Andalusia, with silk and Almerian textiles being the most exported goods. The most exported goods were silk and Almerian textiles. The second stage of Almeria's prosperity came in the XVIII century thanks to the cultivation of grapes and mining. Today, Almeria lives on tourism and agriculture, mainly horticulture. Guests from other regions of Spain often travel here by taking the Madrid-Almeria bus or the Malaga-Almeria bus.

Bus schedule to Almeria

Almeria is often visited by beach lovers and active tourists. The many kilometers of sandy beaches of the Spanish city are marked with the UNESCO blue flag for cleanliness and environmental friendliness. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy diving, snorkeling, surfing and windsurfing, sailing and yachting, water skiing, bike tours and jeep safaris. The peculiarity of the local flora and fauna opens up excellent opportunities for kayaking, kite surfing and fishing. Family tours to Almeria will seem no less exciting. During them, your children will find something to entertain themselves in the shopping and entertainment centers, while you can have a great time in a nearby cafe. If you have long dreamed of an active beach vacation in Europe, book a bus ticket to Almeria online on the INFOBUS website.

Sightseeing tours to Almeria are in high demand. This Spanish region is rich in historical buildings that have been preserved since ancient times. The best buildings in the city are the Alcazaba Fortress, the Church of the Virgin Mary del Mar, the Cathedral of the Incarnation, and the Butterfly Museum. For their sake, travelers from other cities come to the city, buying tickets for the Granada-Almeria bus, Seville-Almeria bus, etc. Almeria is also rich in cultural events. In early August, tourists and their fellow travelers will enjoy the Natural Music Festival El Ejido. In late August, the famous festival dedicated to Spanish flamenco takes place. In October, the city hosts the Almeria Western Film Festival, and from October 9 to 12, the city holds the Spanish Keyboard Music Festival.

Bus tickets to Almeria purchased, it's time to get to know the city

The city has a warm Mediterranean climate, so tourists come here on vacation all year round. Take a few shots during a sightseeing walk and be sure to capture Almeria at night, because at night all Spanish cities become more attractive and mysterious. Numerous cultural and architectural heritages of the city are hidden in different parts of Almeria. Walking through the streets of the old quarter, you can visit the ancient fortress, the Clarissines convent and the Church of St. James, as well as the bomb shelters of the Civil War.

When buying a ticket to Almeria, consider an excursion program. The city has many interesting sights and architectural monuments that are worth seeing:

          • Alcazaba is a castle fortress built in the Middle Ages by the Moors in the XI century. It is located on Mount San Cristobal and is one of the largest fortresses in Spain. It offers magnificent views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea;

          • Almeria Cathedral - built in the Renaissance style on the site of a former mosque;

          • The Church of St. John the Baptist is one of the most prominent religious buildings in the city;

          • Nicholas Salmeron Park - stretches along the city's waterfront, where you can stroll, relax or enjoy a beautiful view of the sea;

          • Rambla Federico García Lorca is a beautiful alley that runs through the entire city and is an ideal place for walking.

Almeria is known for its beaches, natural parks in the mountains and on the coast, as well as unique local cuisine that will make your trip unforgettable. On the INFOBUS website, you can buy tickets for flights from Almeria, for example, for the Almeria-Madrid bus or the Almeria-Granada bus. This will help travelers visit not only the cities of Andalusia, but also other regions of Spain.

Bus routes in Almeria: what else can you see in the city?

Almeria's nature is no less impressive than its architecture. One of the most popular natural parks in the city is located here - Cabo de Gata Nijar. It is of volcanic origin and is one of the most ecologically important nature reserves. The park also has a large number of beautiful beaches, so this place is not only important for nature, but also for tourism.

In total, there are more than 20 beaches in Almeria, most of which are located on the coast of the Cabo de Gata reserve. Tourists are attracted to these places not only because of the crystal water and white sand, but also because of the culture of the settlements where these beaches are located. The Tabernas Desert is located 30 kilometers from Almeria. It is the only one in Western Europe. Tourists are offered a variety of activities here, such as horseback riding or an all-terrain vehicle ride. If you have time, visit neighboring cities by taking the Almeria-Murcia bus.

Bus price in Almeria: how to calculate a vacation budget and save money?

Traveling by bus to Almeria is a fairly profitable, inexpensive and comfortable option compared to other means of transportation. Despite the status of a seaside resort, the prices for housing, excursions, restaurants and souvenirs are quite reasonable. Prices for accommodation in Almeria vary depending on the chosen category of hotel, villa or hostel. For example, 3-star hotels offer apartments for 35-50 euros per night. The most expensive apartments and villas are located on the beach and cost from 300 euros per day - this is a great option for large groups.

 Here are some useful tips to help you save a little money:

         1. Use public transportation instead of a taxi.

         2. Study local guidebooks, they contain information about the main free or low-cost excursions, as well as the main attractions of the city.

         3. Avoid popular tourist spots to eat or buy souvenirs, as prices in such places are often overpriced.

Buy a ticket to Almeria and back on the INFOBUS website.

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