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About the city
Map Bilbao

Country: Spain

Population: 353 173 Citizens

Local time: 00:16:50 (24.02.2024)

Currency: EUR

Bilbao is a city in northern Spain, the largest port and industrial center of the country. It doesn't feel like the Spain that travelers are used to: you won't hear the sound of wooden castanets or be treated to paella. Bilbao impresses with its size. This is not a small and cozy town in Europe, but a large industrial center with a special charm. Surrounded by mountains and dense greenery, you will not see ancient architectural structures here, but you will be able to experience the beauty of contemporary art. For the sake of local cultural and architectural monuments, guests from other cities of the country come here, buying tickets for the Vitoria-Bilbao bus, Pamplona-Bilbao bus, etc.

Bilbao has the status of the capital of the Basque Country. Usually, when people hear about this city, the first thing that comes to mind is the modern architectural wonders of this city, such as the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. However, Bilbao is also famous for its gastronomy, which is worth a whole trip and gastronomic tour. Due to its favorable geographical location, Bilbao has been a center of trade since ancient times, which influenced the active construction and expansion of the city's boundaries. The climate here is temperate, so the city doesn't get hotter than +25 and +26 °C in summer, but there are no subzero temperatures in winter. If you like long walks, feel free to book a seat on the bus to Bilbao from April to October.

Bus schedule in Bilbao

Once an inconspicuous city with a gray face, today it has turned into a metropolis with futuristic skyscrapers and interesting locations. Many of Bilbao's attractions are known all over the world, but even aimless walks along the streets of the unofficial capital of the Basque Country are a pleasure. Industrial complexes, many entertainment centers, and a beautiful promenade offer excellent opportunities for shopping and walking. If you already like this city, book a bus ticket to Bilbao. If you like ancient architecture with a long history, then Bilbao will disappoint you a bit. It certainly has its own chapel and ancient churches, but that's not why people come to the capital of the Basque Country. Fans of art house, contemporary art, and an unconventional approach to architecture come here.

The main tourist locations of the city:

          • New Square;

          • Biscay Bridge;

          • Basilica de Begonia;

          • Cathedral of St. James;

          • Basque Museum.

With the outbreak of the Second Carlist War (1873-1876), Bilbao served as a stronghold through which the British sent aid to the Spanish. Resisting the onslaught of 20 thousand Carlists, the locals did not allow Don Carlos to take possession of the city and turn it into his residence. Having survived many conflicts, the region still occupies a key position in the life of the country, being both an important seaport and an industrial center. It is quite difficult to fly here without a stopover, so many travelers choose to travel by train or bus. Today, Bilbao is a modern metropolis with a developed cultural life, and the mood within the region is different from the rest of Spain. To get here quickly and comfortably, book a bus ticket to Bilbao online on the INFOBUS website.

The bus to Bilbao has arrived, time to go for a walk

The structure of Bilbao was formed over the centuries and began with the main street Ronda. Today, this area is considered the Old Town, where the main churches and architectural monuments are located. The Abando district used to be an industrial area, but now it has been restored and made attractive to tourists. The main artery of the city is the Gran Via de Don Diego-López de Aro avenue. It crosses the entire city and is very easy to navigate when traveling on your own. In total, Bilbao has eight districts, each with its own museums and attractions. If you have explored the city and want to compare it with other regions of Spain, book a seat on the Bilbao-Madrid bus, Bilbao-Vitoria bus or Bilbao-Pamplona bus.

You should start your visit to this city with the Guggenheim Museum. This is one of the most amazing examples of twentieth-century architecture: Frank Gehry used 33 thousand of the thinnest titanium plates to create its bizarrely curved forms. Inside the building is a private collection of modernist and contemporary art. Bilbao is also home to another art museum, one of the best in Spain - the Museum of Fine Arts. Other buildings also contribute to the creation of the city's avant-garde image: the Euskaldún Palace, subway stations designed by Norman Foster, the Isozaki and Pelli towers, the Subisuri Bridge, and new cultural centers such as Alondiga. It is also impossible to imagine Bilbao without the historic center, which has more than 700 years of history. It's a pleasure to stroll through the so-called "seven streets" and see the cathedral, the elegant Parisian Opera-inspired Arriaga Theater, and many different shops and cafes.

Bilbao bus routes: what else will surprise you?

Sightseeing tourism is what people most often come to Bilbao for. The most important attraction of the city is its exquisite architectural style, in which medieval Gothic buildings are harmoniously combined with urban futurism. For tourists to get to know Bilbao better, they need to

          • walk a lot to visit all 7 ancient streets of the medieval quarter;

          • walk along the waterfront. There are amazing houses here that resemble buildings in Amsterdam, and on the horizon you can see mountains that seem to separate Bilbao from the rest of the world;

          • go shopping on Gran Bija street. Not only Spanish little-known brands are represented here, but also global brands;

          • go out of town to the suburb of Portugalete. Here is an incredible Puente Colgante Vizcaya suspension bridge and a promenade offering picturesque views of the French part of the Basque Country;

          • taste local cuisine. Chacolí white wine and pintxos are the minimum gourmet program.

It should be noted that this region is one of the first in the world in terms of the number of Michelin stars per capita. Gourmets who appreciate good gastronomy will feel right at home here. Guests from neighboring cities even come here for the sake of local delicacies, buying tickets for the Madrid-Bilbao bus or the Logroño-Bilbao bus.

Bilbao bus price: budgeting your trip

When booking a bus ticket to Bilbao, think about your vacation in detail. The city is quite popular among tourists, so the prices for accommodation, food, souvenirs and entertainment will be higher than in other cities in Spain. The average price of a hotel room per night is 70 euros, the average restaurant bill for two is 40 euros. For those vacationers who like active entertainment, a trip to Bilbao will be remembered for hiking and climbing mountains, trekking, kayaking and canoeing on the river, cycling in the city and its surroundings, as well as horseback riding. Gastronomic tours, wine tastings, and cooking classes are also popular among visitors.

Shopping enthusiasts will not be bored during the trip - in the city you can shop at flea markets and in large shopping and entertainment centers. Nightlife lovers will be delighted with the number of city clubs and dance floors. If you wish, you can take the Bilbao-Logrono bus to plunge even deeper into the flavor of the Basque Country.


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