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About the city
Map Denia

Country: Spain

Local time: 05:36:27 (27.02.2024)

Currency: EUR

Denia is a wonderful resort town in the north of the Costa Blanca, which in 2015 was recognized by UNESCO as the gastronomic capital of the Mediterranean. Denia is surrounded on both sides by the cities of Valencia and Alicante. This multinational settlement is an important seaport and an elite resort. Tourists are attracted here by well-maintained beaches and developed infrastructure. The city is ideal for both active youth recreation and quiet family vacations. It has a convenient location between the sea and the mountains, which protects it from cold winds and precipitation. If you want to have an inexpensive vacation in Spain, book bus tickets to Denia.

Denia is one of the oldest Spanish cities with a rich culture. In its appearance you can find features of many eras and cultures, a walk through the historic city center is a real journey back in time. The first settlement on the site of modern-day Denia existed back in the time of the Iberians, and the city itself was founded by the Romans, who gave it the name Dianum. During the Roman Empire, the city was an important naval base and distribution center for goods traveling from Africa to Italy. In the 60s of the last century, Denia began to rapidly gain popularity among tourists.

Bus schedule in Denia

The closest international airports to Denia are located in Alicante and Valencia, the distance to each of them is about 100 km, which is why travelers rarely choose a plane to get here. A more popular and budget-friendly option is bus to Denia, and you can also conveniently get here by car to avoid transfers. There are frequent buses to neighboring cities from the city itself: bus Denia-Valencia, bus Denia-Alicante, etc. In addition, there is a large seaport in Denia, from which there is a regular ferry service to the islands of the Balearic archipelago: Formentera, Ibiza and Mallorca. If you don't want to waste time in the ticket office, you can buy a bus ticket to Denia online on the INFOBUS website.

The coast of Denia, with fine sand in the north and steep cliffs in the south, is 20 km long. In this municipal district, you can see numerous one-story white houses with red tiled roofs. A walk through the historic center of Denia is a real adventure in time. On the main street of the city you will find magnificent buildings of great historical value, shops and restaurants offering excellent local cuisine. Equally great restaurants and tapas bars can be found on Calle Loreto, which runs from the city hall past the monastery to the foot of the fortress. In the center of the city, on the Plaza del Convento, there is the oldest church, Iglesia de San Antonio (16th century), which is part of the architectural ensemble of the Augustinian Monastery. The most authentic and architecturally interesting area of Denia is the old fishing quarter Baix la Mar, located by the sea, which pleases the eye with its colorful facades of low houses.

Bus tickets to Denia are booked, it's time to think about excursions

Even those tourists who prefer a beach vacation to other activities will surely be interested in walking the city streets, exploring the sights and taking beautiful photos as a souvenir of the trip. No less impressive are the panoramic views of Denia and the sea coast from the top of the cliff.

As soon as the bus to Denia has brought you to rest, go for a walk. There are many interesting tourist locations to visit in the city:

          1. Castle of Denia Castillo. Only the remains of powerful walls have survived from the fortress, built in the XI century, but their appearance is impressive. The Archaeological Museum is located nearby, and both locations can be visited with a single ticket costing 3 euros.

         2. The Old Town is a historic center located at the foot of a cliff with a castle. It consists of several picturesque neighborhoods with narrow, crooked streets lined with stone, typical of medieval Spain. Among the neat terracotta and sandstone houses of various architectural styles are majestic temples and monasteries.

         3. Marquez de Campos Street is a wide avenue lined with lush old plane trees. On Sundays, traffic is prohibited on Marques de Campos, so the street is used for promenades by local residents.

         4. Marques de Campos Street is a unique place where a bull run is held every second week of July.

         5. The Baix la Mar fishing district is an authentic place by the sea. This colorful area, which can be called a special attraction of the historic center, was home to sailors, fishermen and traders until the late 1970s. It has not only interesting architecture but also a special charm.

Bus routes in Denia: what else can you see in the city and its surroundings?

The beaches of Denia are another important attraction of the city, attracting many tourists from all over the world. Among the magnificent sandy beaches and picturesque rocky bays, everyone will find their own place for a wonderful vacation. Guests from neighboring cities come here for a beach vacation, buying tickets for the Valencia-Denia bus, Madrid-Denia bus, Alicante-Denia bus, etc. There are several interesting caves in the vicinity of the city: Cova de l'Aigua, where traces of ancient people were found, Cueva de Las Calaveras with fossils of ancient animals from the Paleolithic period, and Cave Canalobres with special acoustics. From the large seaport of Denia, you can take a ferry to the Balearic Islands, take a boat trip to Mallorca or Ibiza.

The city has its own seaport, a colorful attraction where travelers can find berths with hundreds of merchant and fishing vessels, small boats and luxury yachts. Passenger ferries depart from here to the resorts of the Costa Blanca. Another attraction is located on the south side of the port: the city's largest fish market with a huge assortment of the freshest catch. For those who want to see as many sights as possible, there is a walking and jogging route to the lighthouse along the waterfront.

Cavallers Street is the location of the Ethnological Museum. Here you can learn about the raisin trade and its role in the city's economic prosperity. The lower floor of the museum will delight you with the interiors of Isabella II. The Toy Museum is located in the old Karkaysent station building. In the last century, the city was engaged in the production of metal and wooden toys, which were distributed throughout Spain. The first floor of the station housed temporary exhibitions of the city's art center.

Bus price in Denia: how to calculate the travel budget?

When you buy a bus ticket to Denia, you should think about housing, spending on local cuisine, entertainment and souvenirs. Local hotels will delight you with a variety of conditions and pricing policies, where everyone can find a suitable option for themselves. In four-star hotels, the price of a room starts from 50 euros, in three-star hotels in Denia, a room for two will cost you from 35 to 85 euros per day. Prices may vary depending on the season, holidays, and festivals. If you like to travel, be sure to buy a ticket for the bus Denia-Madrid or bus Denia-Javea, so you will see more interesting places in sunny Spain.

Don't forget to take money for a variety of entertainment on land and at sea, because without them, your vacation in Denia will not be complete. Also visit local markets, shops and souvenir shops to buy unique gifts that best reflect the character and beauty of this region. These can be dishes, ceramics, textiles, as well as delicious gifts: wine, olives, meat delicacies, etc.

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